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2014 was a year that taught us a lot about what it means to be disappointed by the release you were dying to play. Even the Game of the Year winner, Dragon Age: Inquisition, had a lot of problems going on within it, and were it shown in a different year, we'd be seeing another title grab its place in no time.

2015 promises to be a very different year, the year in which the teething problems of the Xbox One and PS4 are behind us and we can finally delight in playing games that look and feel great on our NextGen consoles. But that being said, I still feel that games are going to fall flat for us and The Order: 1886 could be that first game. Now I'm not counting H1Z1 cause that title isn't properly ready yet and hopefully its issues shall be ironed out!

The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 & 2015

The Order: 1886 demonstrates what Sony really loves in terms of blockbuster titles. It boasts quite possibly the greatest visuals in a game to date, and relies heavily upon its storyline and cinematic presentation. While The Order: 1886 certainly looks like its story will captivate a great many players, I'm concerned with its gameplay and the way in which the game was sold to us.

A title as cinematic as this should have stayed with the kind of trailers we were getting early on. Remember the abandoned and bloody police station trailer we saw? That level of intrigue into this world works really well, but then we were also shown so many sections of gameplay and unfortunately the title seems to be lacking in this department.

The visuals look great as we fire away at our opponents, but when we were shown how the game plays on numerous occasions, even the sound effects on the guns just didn't give that feeling of control and presence. One company I feel that really has sound effects down is 343 Industries. Whatever about their deplorable management of online features, all of their games sound incredible.

Their work on Halo 2 is a sensation and I delighted in hearing the soundtrack transform as I swapped between the new and the old. But the guns were in a league of their own. I'm not feeling that power in The Order: 1886, even though the weapons look seriously cool. Unfortunately the game seems to just boil down to standard cover based shooting.

But I must say, that this story trailer is actually fantastic. The voice acting is seriously sublime and the facial animations are mind blowing. I'm just concerned that the gameplay may become a little standardised after a while. I'm all for my singleplayer linear narratives, I really am when the story is good! I mean look at Half-Life, that's essentially what it is!

But it'll need to feel good as I take command of this character, and maybe Sony was able to beef up some of these issues since we had our hands on it last. I originally felt that Dying Light would be the first disappointment this year, but the more I look at it the cooler that game seems! I adore Sony's work and I do have faith for The Order: 1886. Let's hope I'm proved wrong on its release date on February 20th, cause even with my reservations I'll be buying this game first chance I get! Let us know what you think gamers!


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