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In Harry Potter, we all love the clumsy Gryffindor for his useless pet toad Trevor, his chubby cheeks, his whimsical talent of mislaying all of his belongings, his inability to remember ANYTHING and his very unexpected penchant for studying magical and mundane plants and fungi.

Although we may giggle at his mishaps and goofy appearance in the first few books, Neville undergoes the most dramatic transformations of any character and proves himself to be one of the greatest wizards of the book series.

Naturally, actor Matthew Lewis also went through phenomenal changes and puberty was certainly one of the best things that ever happened to him. Today, he looks like a colossal babe, as I'm sure you all know:

How such a glorious transformation could have occurred so perfectly is beyond my comprehension.

So where is he now?

Since the franchise came to an end, Matthew Lewis has sped far away from the Hogwarts grounds and today, he continues to work in TV and movies. You can catch him starring in the BBC's Bluestone 42, a series about a bomb disposal unit working in Afghanistan and The Syndicate, a story following five supermarket workers who enter a lottery. He also starred in revengeful crime drama The Rise in 2012.

Check him out in action in the trailer below:

Both are a far cry from those youthful days of wearing his Hogwarts-crested school robes and tragically waving about a broken wand, that's for sure.

Obviously, Lewis seems to agree so too and recently speaking about his roles, he said:

"I was fortunate enough to play a role that was so far detached from Neville which was really cool. In fact, most of my roles since Neville, there was a film I did called The Rise, and then obviously with Bluestone 42, my roles have been very, very different from Neville."

Good for you, Matthew.

And while he's out there discovering how far his acting talent reaches, he also regularly poses for fabulous photo shoots in various magazines, looking as hot as ever. Like in Jon Magazine, for example. Just take a look at this:

And this one:

And this...

So very cheeky, I love it.

But what fabulous things are we to expect of Lewis in the future?

Well, he's currently working on movie The Brontes, a story following the three Bronte siblings before they embraced their passion for writing. Set to be released a while away in 2016, I'm certain he'll be brilliant.

And I'm sure we will see more of him on the big screen in other projects too. He recently admitted that he was a massive geek at heart, saying:

“Well growing up I was a massive Star Wars fan. That was just my ultimate thing, I just wanted to be a Jedi ...

So, who knows? Maybe sci-fi is his calling. For one, I know I would love to see that in an inter-galactic adventure.

What do you guys think?


Are you excited to see more of Matthew Lewis in the future?



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