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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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Batman has been in the DC Universe since 1939 as he makes his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 Batman is one of the greatest DC superheroes without superpowers The Caped Crusader only uses his martial arts skills and he is trained around the world by different masters teaching him different fighting skills.

And since 1939 until 2015 we have seen him use his skills but now its going to be different Batman is getting superpowers in the Justice League #38 finally after 76 YEARS! Batman is finally getting his own powers he is considered the only Justice Leaguer who doesn't have superpowers.

There are advantages in his new powers and disadvantages in using his new powers and its not just any powers but BAT-powers the Justice League got infected by a virus called the Amazo Virus.The virus was created by Lex Luthor, the Amazo Virus was accidentally released throughout Metropolis infecting the whole Justice League and also a number of random people.

The Amazo virus takes away metahumans (takes their powers away if that's what I think it means) so with that being said The Flash,Shazam (Captain Marvel) and Aquaman might lose their powers and other metahumans.

With Batman's new abilities he has control over sound manipulation,super hearing and supersonic screaming.(much Black Bolt but except its not hypersonic and Batman can talk but Black Bolt can't)

From Justice League #38 drawn by Jason Fabok.
From Justice League #38 drawn by Jason Fabok.

But there are also disadvantages in his new powers Batman now is blind as a bat literally but bats aren't actually blind they just happen to have heat seeking eyes that lets them see in the dark and also once their system can't take it (the Amazo Virus) anymore, they'll die.

So while it's cool that Batman's got new powers, his life expectancy and other powerless heroes just got their powers due to the infection of the Amazo Virus just got a whole lot shorter.

But like I said the Amazo Virus takes out the powers of metahumans and to the normal humans it gives them flu-like symptoms and superpowers like Batman. It was later revealed that the powers are given differently due to their psychological subconscious so Bruce Wayne is Batman and that's why he gets Bat-like powers and if for example you like to run fast then you'll get superspeed.

And if you think Batman's new abilities isn't as badass as it sounds guess again his supersonic scream and sound manipulation is strong enough to knock away Superman,Wonder Woman and an armoured up Lex Luthor.

In case you're wondering if other powerless superheroes gets superpowers due to the Amazo Virus as well then yeah, Robin was also infected by the Amazo Virus and it also granted him powers but that's way out of the question because its in another story.


Do you think Batman's new powers are awesome or what?



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