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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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'Shocking' and 'disturbing' are terms that get thrown around a lot to describe horror movies, but Japanese goremaster Takashi Miike is the real deal.

A director so graphically violent that movies like Audition and Three Extremes don't even make the cut, check out the bloody genius' 5 most shocking movie.

And, seriously, if you're not accustomed to gore and violence, DON'T WATCH.

5. Full Metal Yakuza (1997)

Ever wanted to see a deranged Japanese horror version of Robocop? Now's your chance! This makes Tetsuo look like Wall-E.

Most Shocking Moment: Robo-Yakuza witnesses the hideous gangbanging of his girlfriend, who promptly bites her tongue off.

4. Dead or Alive (2000)

In possibly the greatest opening sequence in horror cinema, the viewer is treated to death, nipples, arterial-spurting sodomy and a six-foot line of cocaine. The trailer doesn't boast 'The rabid dog of Japanese cinema bites the world on the ass' for nothing!

Most Shocking Moment: a girl drowns in a pool of her own excrement after some rather disappointing butt fun...

3. Fudoh (1996)

Kids playing football with human heads. An 'eggplant dick'. Fountains of blood towering above. Unfortunate mishaps in urination. Repeat ad nauseum.

Most Shocking Moment: The stripping schoolgirl shooting lady darts from her lady parts.

2. Ichi the Killer (2001)

I'd advise watching this movie, but you might not be able to FACE it (lol).

Most Shocking Moment: Ichi is a movie crammed with abhorrent sexual violence, but it was the nipple slicing that always got me - it's not nearly as gross in Game of Thrones!

Witness the Sickness...

1. Imprint (2005)

Imprint was Takashi Miike's contribution to the Masters of Horror series and, maybe it was the needles thrust this lady's gums, but it was banned in the USA.

Most Shocking Moment: the rancid abortion sequence may well change your view of root vegetables forevermore.

What's the sickest horror movie scene you've ever seen?


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