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I have to say, the relationship that Robin Williams and The Legend of Zelda have shared had completely passed me by until a few months ago. I had no interaction with the adverts that he did for Nintendo with his daughter, nor had I seen the delightful clip that saw the two of them playing Ocarina of Time in 3D on the 3DS together.

If you hadn't heard of this particular phenomenon, I thought we could honour the two greats next to one another. This way we could reinforce the fact that The Legend of Zelda Wii U MUST pay tribute to the great man that loved this series enough to name his daughter after one of the most famous video game characters of all time, Zelda.

Link & Princess Zelda
Link & Princess Zelda

Robin Williams & The Legend of Zelda

Robin Williams recalled taking home one of the old Nintendo consoles and buying a big TV to enjoy it on. His wife and himself sat down together and dove into the world to delight in its exploration and puzzles. He recalls thinking that Zelda was a truly beautiful name, and with a daughter of their own on the way, it was decided that she would be graced with the Princesses' name.

The clip of the two of them together, is both an amalgamation of familial joy and heart break at the passing of a man who found such joy in the small things. And seriously, Williams just had the greatest smile. If you've seen this clip before, well, it never hurts to watch it again!

That laugh at the end!! Man, this guy was something. But after Robin Williams passed, a whole bunch of Nintendo fans got together and created a petition for The Legend of Zelda to feature a character that would pay tribute to the great man. The petition has gained over 100,000 signatures and was responded to by Nintendo themselves.

Nintendo never said that they would actually honour the man in the game, merely offered their condolences to the family and particularly to Zelda, and said that they would discuss the possibility of presence internally. But he was loved at Nintendo, as he was in many places.

With The Legend of Zelda on the way, set for a 2015 release date on the Wii U, I sincerely hope that nintendo took this petition to heart and created some kind of NPC character in this world that honours the life of Robin Williams. What would you like to see Nintendo do? And had you seen these ads before? Let us know in the comments!


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