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Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) Poster

Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) at a glance

Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) is the eleventh theatrical film by Pokémon, the second animated feature of a trilogy known as the Diamond & Pearl trilogy. It is preceded by The Rise of Darkrai (2007) and concluded with Arceus and the Jewel of Life (2009). This animated feature by Pikachu Project is included in the Guinness World Records as the Greatest Advance Sales for an Animated Film in Japan when the pre-sale sold 2,384,198 tickets.

Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) Preview

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Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) Synopsis

Giratina is the sole Pokémon living in the Reverse World, a little-known realm adjacent to our own. Enraged when Palkia and Dialga disrupt time and space, it drags Dialga into the Reverse World for a battle—but the conflict is broken up by a tiny Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon!

After departing the Reverse World and meeting Ash and his friends, Shaymin—communicating telepathically—asks for help so it can be reunited with the other Shaymin in the Gracidea garden. Soon after Ash and his friends agree to assist Shaymin, they're dragged into the Reverse World and meet Newton Graceland, who's been researching the mysterious realm. Little do they know that Newtown's former assistant, Zero, seeks to harness Giratina's power to rule the Reverse World, even if that means destroying the real world!

Can our heroes and their Pokémon thwart Zero's evil plans and protect both worlds? Will Giratina resolve its differences with Dialga? And what will Ash and his friends learn about that special Shaymin?

Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) Review

Pikachu, Ash, Brock, Shaymin and Dawn.
Pikachu, Ash, Brock, Shaymin and Dawn.

Due to my personal Pokémon Movie Marathon, it's easy to tell how much Pokémon films have improved over the years due to the creators' efforts and that means Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) is different from the rest of the older Pokémon films!

Zero and Infi!
Zero and Infi!

It has unique concepts and the creators of this animated feature evidently paid more attention to details such as the Pokémon movements, feelings and personality. The CGI is much better too. Most of all, the creators have played with interesting point of views and angles as well, which allows us to see through the characters' eyes and have a fun experience!

Giratina versus Dialga.
Giratina versus Dialga.

Honestly, I will never hide this one fact; Pokémon films can be disappointing no matter how promising they can be sometimes but they are just going all out for their specific target audiences and guess what... I am immensely delighted with this Diamond & Pearl trilogy!

Shaymin uses Seed Flare.
Shaymin uses Seed Flare.

The Diamond & Pearl trilogy films have impressed me before and rewatching them again to write about them here is certainly my pleasure as they have shown improvements in various aspects especially the plot compared to all the older films and are quite entertaining to watch. So for Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008), I would say it easily is one of the best Pokémon films and like the rest of the trilogy, it is pleasantly interesting!

The Reverse World.
The Reverse World.

Both the Real and Reverse World locations in this animated feature (and in the game) are charming in their on ways. The Real World are based on beautiful scenic locations from Norway such as Bergen, Geiranger, Jostedalsbreen and Sognefjorden whereas the Reverse World are distorted but exactly the mirror or opposite of the reality in the Pokémon universe which is super cool! How it works and coexist with the Real World is so special; I think the concept is a work of genius because it is so creative and amazing!

... Just throw me into the Reverse World, please! *-*


Nonetheless, one of the most notable issue among older Pokémon fans is that any Pokémon after generation I (and sometimes generation II or the generation after they are first introduced to) are considered newer Pokémon and they suck. Although many disliked the "newer" Pokémon and the concepts, I would like to point out that that thinking is negative and it blinds one from Pokémon's charm and potentials.

Giratina Origin Forme.
Giratina Origin Forme.

In regard to generation IV Pokémon which is the generation of this animated feature, I thought some of the "newer" Pokémon especially generation IV final evolution forms of various Pokémon are quite badass. I am quite impressed with the list of Pokémon as they are all equally unique in their own ways. Giratina for instance, rules the Reverse World and looks quite spectral yet majestic; Dawn's Piplup is always adorable and Shaymin is amusing as it has its own attitude!

Giratina's angry red eyes.
Giratina's angry red eyes.

In brief, Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008) is filled with both new and recurring likable characters, endearing Pokémon and a well thought out world concept which can be easily enjoyed by all. Deliciously sci-fi, it is a great family film and animated feature based on video game; you should watch this especially if you love Pokémon!

PS. This made it into my favorite list because it's truly one of the best Pokémon films! At the end of this movie marathon, I am going to write Worst to Best Pokémon films right here, only on Moviepilot!

Who will like this?

Pokémon fans especially those who love science fiction, fantasy and Pokémon Diamond & Pearl trilogy/series!

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Details of the movie

Director: Kunihiko Yuyama
Producer: Mikihiko Fukazawa, Takemoto Mori, Junya Okamoto, Choji Yoshikawa
Story: Not sure.
Screenplay: Hideki Sonoda
Cinematography: Takaya Mizutani
Music: Shinji Miyazaki
Studio: OLM, Inc.
Starring: Rica Matsumoto, Megumi Toyoguchi, Yūji Ueda, Koichi Yamadera, Shidō Nakamura, Ikue Ōtani, Vanilla Yamazaki, Tomomichi Nishimura, Shoko Nakagawa
Full Credit: [IMDb]
Distributor: Toho, Warner Bros., Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Genre: Adventure Family Fantasy
Running time: 100 mins
Budget: Not sure.
Box office: USD 43,338,599 est.

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