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To be honest, I was the only one in my gaming circle that wasn't in any way excited for the release date of Techland's zombie, parkour game, Dying Light. Oh and speaking of release date, for those that haven't heard, this game will be delayed and pushed back to February 27th for everyone outside of the Americas! Naturally us Berliners are not happy with the situation, guess it's a download purchase for me after all!

But really, when it came to this game I couldn't help but look at it rather reductively, assuming that it was just going to be Dead Island with a little bit of Mirror's Edge thrown into the mix. Meh. But as I've seen and heard more and more about the title, my excitement to get my hands on it has really grown!

Dying Light
Dying Light

Pulling a 360 On Dying Light

Thankfully, this was a title that wasn't ashamed to show off a whole lot of gameplay. We've literally been able to see hours of exploration in this game before its release. And also that real life zombie video was seriously cool, and they have the creator of parkour working with them?!?! Dayum!

Little by little this game demonstrated that it was gong to give us some really great content from the word go. Parkour, great story, huge world, scary nighttime zombies, loads of action, bloody deaths, play as zombie...oh wait. Yep, I was devastated when I found out that one of the core reasons I was excited for the game was being pushed over to DLC. The worst three letters in gaming. But when something bad happens, it's always great to see the (dying) light!

The play as a zombie DLC is now where it always should have been, in the frickin' game from the get go! In order to apologise for the delay of Dying Light outside of the Americas, all copies of the game will now get access to the zombie play on the game's release date!

Yep, with nice bundle all wrapped up, I guess this will be the first new title I get my hands on in 2015 before Evolve drops on February 10th. Though the latter I'm becoming less and less excited about. The beta test wasn't that great but who knows! Maybe it'll be the new Left 4 Dead, however unlikely that may seem.

So with an intriguing storyline, some parkour joy, zombies that become seriously scary by night and now getting the ability to play as one online, this is the one game that will be kicking of 2015 for me! And boy, I really hope it doesn't disappoint. Are you gamers out there excited to get your hands on Dying Light?! Let us know in the comments!


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