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These days, it seems like anything you miss might be moments away from coming back to life. The TV graveyard is like a pet cemetery. Miss Twin Peaks? It's back! Community? It will never die. Arrested Development? Netflix has you covered. Heroes? Wait, who was missing Heroes?

Well, one beloved show that is gaining a lot of momentum for a return is The X-Files. Looks like Fox is eyeing a limited series run that would see Molder and Scully back fighting the good fight for the future. And it's not like they have a shortage of loose ends to tie up.

I offer a list of three things that I would personally love to find some closure on. Admittedly there are much more than three - but since this is reportedly a limited series we'll keep it short.

Hi, Agent Scully, welcome back.
Hi, Agent Scully, welcome back.

Colonists & The Black Oil

One of the best and creepiest ongoing plots was the infectious black oil that could turn anyone into a zombie-like creature under the control of aliens intent on taking over the universe. They even were using bees to spread it! Bees!

No! Not the bees!
No! Not the bees!

The last we saw of the black oil it was still infecting people and didn't show any signs of being stopped. Where do we stand now? What happened to those weird faceless guys? Are we still being colonized and is the Syndicate still sending bees to pollinate our food with black oil? The aliens were supposed to arrive in 2012 according to the Smoking Man, what happened? I have to know!

That ceiling must be absolutely covered by now.
That ceiling must be absolutely covered by now.

The Lone Gunman

The trio known as the Lone Gunman were always welcome sights when they appeared on the show, even if their short lived spin-off didn't fare that well. In fact, these guys were ahead of their times. Now, in the age of Snowden and Assange, these guys could be more relevant and helpful to Mulder and Scully than ever. They're not just comic relief anymore!

The different stories that these guys could have been attached to in the years since we saw them last are endless. What have they been up to? Who have they been hacking? Do they know if the Cigarette Man is really dead - what does that surveillance footage tell us?

Oh, I hope he still has the mullet.
Oh, I hope he still has the mullet.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate, the Smoking Man's organization, was behind just about everything it seemed. They were plotting the alien colonization, killing Mulder's sister, planting chips and using nanotechnology to get up in everyone's business. Evil!

So did the Smoking Man really die or what? Or did he start helping Scully and Mulder like he seemed to be leaning towards doing in the end? Is there a new Syndicate that's even more evil than the old one? Are they affiliated with my telephone provider - because I think they might be really evil.

As long as they touch on these things in even the slightest of way, I think I'll be a pretty happy camper. The second X-Files movie showed that they can go and decide to stay away from the supernatural altogether. Just don't do that new X-Files show - please don't do that.


What X-Files question do you want to see answered?


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