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Do you ever feel like movie posters are just TOO polished? Like they need a little make-under in order to truly express the plot and tone of a movie? Of course you don't, which is exactly what makes these wonderfully absurd posters so amazing.

Online artists (who are clearly masters of collage) have recreated some classic movie posters using only Clip Art and Comic Sans. Yes, it's your worst nightmare, but it's absolutely something you need to see.

Here are the 16 most awesomely horrible remade posters that will show you just how easy it is to advertise a movie. (Spoiler alert: it's hard)

1.) The Avengers

There were a couple options for The Avengers, but this one is just killing me. Every time I look at this I see something else that cracks me up. The blueberries for the background, a rubber duck for the explosion, and THE HULK IS BOK CHOY.

I love this so much. Someone put me in contact with an gilder who specializes in gaudy gold frames because I want this framed above my mantle.

2.) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Naturally we have the Eiffel Tower standing in for Barad-dûr, meaning that Parisians are just really well-dressed Orcs. Also, that clip art Aragorn has got his scowl DOWN. One of these clip art illustrators definitely studied Viggo's facial expressions.

3.) The Lion King

Simba is a rooster. This makes sense to me.

4.) Les Misérables

Poor Anne Hathaway just can't catch a break. She has a majorly rough go of it as Fantine (look no further than "I Dreamed a Dream" if you want to experience heartbreak on par with kitten genocide), and now this artist has used some dowdy old woman to represent her. Oh well, I'm sure she's crying into her Oscar for comfort at night.

5.) Up

Actually pretty accurate! I know a few kids who wouldn't notice much of a difference if I showed them a whole movie that looked like the poster on the right. AND, I know a kid that might prefer it. That kid may or may not be me. Like, okay, we both know that you know that that kid is me.

6.) Pulp Fiction

Can we just talk about the legs jutting out of this woman's shoulder? Brilliant.

7.) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

HOW did Clip Art manage to perfectly capture Harry Potter's major characters? You got Harry looking sassy and authoritative (naturally, this is obviously before the angst in Order of the Phoenix), Ron looking ready to pee his pants from fear, and Hermione looking self-assured and powerful.

8.) The Nightmare Before Christmas

I don't see a discernible difference here. Did I upload the same poster twice?

9.) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

For a movie that began as a graphic novel series, it's only natural that this poster gets the comic sans treatment. Ramona's so over it, I'm transported right back to the start of the movie. If only Knives, Wallace, and Envy Adams could have made an appearance, then my life would be truly complete.

10.) Aladdin

Apparently there are no Middle Eastern women available on Clip Art. C'mon, Clip Art, don't you know that we have movie posters to dismantle!

11.) Madagascar

This one just looks like an exact replica, and it's definitely making me question Clip Art's priorities. There's no one to accurately represent Jasmine, but there are at least three different types of penguins!

12.) Pokémon: The First Movie

Yes to actual cats representing Mewtwo and Mew. Yes to Mr. Mime being a little French boy with a beret. Yes to the inclusion a random Easter Egg (is it supposed to be Vaporeon?). Just yes to whole thing.

13.) The Hunger Games

Not quite intimidating enough to start a revolution, but maybe enough to inspire a harshly-worded letter.

14.) The Little Mermaid

Someone forgot a certain prominent feature on the castle, but everything else is spot-on!

15.) Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Qui-Gon Jinn is Jesus, and Jar Jar didn't even make it to the background - ahh, just as it should be.

16.) Space Jam

Let's finish up with our generation's cinematic masterpiece, Space Jam, and arguably the most well-realized poster. As if you needed another reminder that this movie is amazing, I suggest you go watch it this weekend to relive the out-of-this-world wonderment and impeccably selected cast.

If you made it this far, I congratulate you! You're are now well-versed in the art of transforming a poster from a plain old Photoshop-fest into a beautifully original collage of expression. I encourage everyone to go out and convert a favorite movie into a true work of art using this style.

Which poster was your favorite? Are you internally screaming due to the barrage of Comic Sans?


Is Comic Sans the bane of your existence?


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