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Hollywood's biggest stars are used to being photographed. Sometimes it happens when they aren't looking their best, by the paparazzi. Other times, it's on the red carpet when they look absolutely flawless. When you dream of becoming a big actor, the first thing you have to do is make sure you have your headshots done.

Trust me, I know hella people with headshots living in LA.

On DeviantArt, some talented artists drew what, at first glance, appears to be black-and-white headshots of some of our Hollywood favorites. They're obviously actually drawings upon closer inspection. All in all, how realistic do you think these are?

J-Law with a facial expression of wonderment

Artist thewholehorizon perfectly captures J-Law's youthful exuberance and does a magnificent job with her hair. I'd imagine making it look like it was flowing and getting the shading right couldn't have been easy.

Thor looking refined and manly

Artist ekota21 also does a great job here with Chris Hemsworth. The details of his beard and his bracelet stand out to me, for sure. This is a dashing representation of our boy, Thor.

Black Widow looking good

Scarlett Johansson has had badass roles, she's had sexy roles, she even played an Operating System in [Her](movie:404573). Once again, that hair is off the chain! Her entire face, really. Artist NienkeF definitely killed it with this one.

Batman looking suave

This is another one from ekota21. We've got Bruce Wayne, aka Ben Affleck, in the flesh here doing something kind of weird with his hands. Is he praying? Either way, this is a cool handsome shot of Ben.

Anne Hathaway looking pretty in a picture - not surprising

This one is pretty on point. I'm legitimately having a difficult time believing this is a sketch and not a photograph. This excellent work is brought to you by the ever so talented francoclun.

'Nightcrawler' Jake is nowhere to be found in this image

Jake Gyllenhaal rid himself of that character from [Nightcrawler](movie:938302), and reshifted to the handsome normal person he is obviously capable of being in this image. The artist is shad0wz0ne and, of course, this is another solid depiction.

'Wild' star looking straight gorgeous

This one is up there as far as realism is concerned. Reese Witherspoon carried [Wild](movie:767988) and has had a very great, classy career. She epitomizes class in this work done by remnantrising.

Kim Jong Un approves of this piece of art

This super high definition version of [The Interview](movie:900924) star James Franco is really cool. I would say the sharpness of it makes it fairly obvious that it was put together by an artist and not a camera, but there's something really pleasing to the eye about how P3ncilPortraits crafted this.

'Unbroken' director hanging out

You gotta love Angelina Jolie. Her movie [Unbroken](movie:791899) didn't get much awards season love, but I personally enjoyed it. Not exactly sure what she's doing with her hands either, but I'm feeling it. Nice job by Loga90.

'American Sniper' truly chilling on it

Artist riefra nailed it with [American Sniper](movie:401418) star Bradley Cooper. Still pretty wild that he went from the guy he played in [The Hangover Part III](movie:348844) movies to one of Hollywood's leading men.

Benedict Cumberbatch

This dude is in everything, so I didn't even feel the need to get creative with the title. Talk about building a brand! Anyway, this is awesome and the credit belongs to Atarial.

Pick your favorite!


Which headshot was most realistic? (FYI, for reference, below you'll find a real headshot of a random guy - I'm sure he's talented, but he's still random)

(Via DeviantArt)


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