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We all love comic-books. It's a practical fact. And all of us at some point in our lives have wanted to create a comic book series. Spilling the stuff we love into a real life object which we can call our own but we lack the initiative to go forward. But I think we can make it. I know it's a very ambitious project and I doubt it will ever work but I'd regret it if I didn't try. I will try, with YOUR hopes and ideas, to assemble a universe and start to make our own universe. Superheroes, detectives, cowboys. Whatever you want.

How It Will Work

Step 1: Who's Interested? First I need to establish who would like to join in. This I will essentially do by asking anybody with an idea for a character, is a talented writer or a talented artist to e-mail simply saying they're interested. Before I get back to you guys to ask a few questions on how you would like to contribute

Step 2: Assembling Continuity: Once all the ideas have gathered I will try and create a universe lore and timeline which all makes sense which might involve tweaking the ideas but letting all of them fit. This may take a while but I would return to those involved with the lore of their character.

Step 3: Match-Up's: Now knowing the characters and lore. The writers and artists. I will try and match the writer to the artist and (if required) give them a basis for a first issue. I will give them the others e-mail to correspond and ask for updates every once in a while. Before they get back to me when they have a finished product.

Step 4: Marketing: I think it's pretty safe to say, no matter how popular, it won't be getting on the shelves. So instead the best course of action is probably a web comic. But to do his step I need someone who can create such a website (preferably a free one) who's assistance would be greatly appreciated.

So, Who's Up For It?

We've been waiting many year for this sorta thing to come along and now is our chance. Join me in my quest and if you can't at least share it. Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, blogs it may be ambitious but it's something so many of us have wanted to do. So wanna join me? Comments appreciated.

The E-Mail Is: [email protected]


So Will You Join Me On My Quest?


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