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Adam Spiegelman

The Razzie Awards are famous for taking down big Hollywood stars and trashing blockbusters. But the group seems to have a soft spot. Razzie founder John Wilson said recently in an interview on the podcast "Proudly Resents" that he stopped calling the "Transformers" movies "Trannies" because of complaints.

"We revised the press release because we were getting angry emails about that," Wilson told the host. "I'm from a generation where PC... I wasn't raised with that as a kid. And yeah, it was probably pretty insensitive on my part."

(Quote starts at: 22:43 in This podcast.

Wilson says the original intent was to attack director Michael Bay's macho image.

"It was to tweak Michael Bay's sensibilities as someone who seemed completely oblivious to anything but his own world view."

As for the front runner for worst picture, Wilson says so far it's down to two films: "Michael Bay and Kurt Cameron (Saving Christmas) should polish their acceptance speech or their apology."

You can still vote for the worst movie of the year or attend the ceremony.

Listen to the full interview: (Audio file) (website)


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