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Famed Flight of the Conchords actor and singer, Jemaine Clement, has graced us with yet another amazing performance! And I'm not talking about his new lead role in the movie What We Do In The Shadows, because I haven't seen that yet.

But check out the hilarious trailer below!

I have seen his kickstarter video to bring the film to the US, and it's everything we love about these Kiwis.

(See it here!)

What We Do In The Shadows is a mockumentary following a vampiric group in New Zealand trying to adapt to modern society. We can expect nothing but hilarity from Clement and co-writer Taika Waititi, but the guys need your help to release it in America!

The campaign includes several perk packages for donors, including Taika Waititi's signed shoe. This may be considered a joke, I choose to take it literally. Help get a movie shown in the US, get a signed shoe. Win, win.


Do you want to see What We Do in the Shadows come to the US?


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