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I'm a huge fan of animated shorts, so when i stumbled across this video - which is under 50 seconds long - and saw that it was about a Stormtrooper, I had to check it out. Little did I know that I'd end up watching it on loop, making weird, emotional noises in the middle of Moviepilot HQ. If you're a pet owner, this extremely sweet video will hit you particularly close to home.

'I Miss You' by TwistedSpeedo shows a cute alien pet chasing a green laser around a room, before panning out and showing its owner, a lone stormtrooper, looking down upon the planet where his best friend was left behind.

I can barely go an entire day without seeing my cat, so watching this video was endearing and heartbreaking all at once. I also love fan creations that show the soft side of the Empire, and if it involves anything that even remotely resembles a cat, I'll probably love it.

Even if you're far, far away from your loved ones, there's always a way to feel connected with them - whether by giant laser or an instant message. Cherish your loved ones, and remember to always spay and neuter your pets.


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