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If one thing can be said about 2014, it's the fact that there seemed to be more costume changes and new characters than any year for a while. If I didn't know better, I would think that Marvel and DC were simply trying to feed the growing Cosplay industry. Between the comics, the hit TV shows and runaway Box Office smashes, we were introduced to a virtual army of heroes and villains that were sure to be seeing in this years Con circuit.

BUT, in case you missed it, here's a rundown of some of the more popular choices you're sure to see (or should):

This picture alone is a who who of new costumes and characters. This new push brought us Superior Iron Man's silver armor, an all new female Thor and Sam Wilson as Captain America.

Marvel brought two great 'Marvels' in 2014. The change of the original Ms. Marvel's costume and name change was a center of attention. As Carol Danvers became the new Captain Marvel with long sleeves and pants was a real change from the bathing suit motif and moves away from the more sexual oriented to more utility.

Also the NEW Ms. Marvel is already getting a showing in the Cosplay community.

I'd expect to see a few Odinsons in the Cons this year as the former Thor has lost his mantle but it doesn't stop him from being a major player in the Avengers going into Secret Wars.

And, if one story-line gets the Cosplayers going this year, it's last years SPIDERVERSE epic! Every Spider-Man AND Woman ever seen and some we've never seen are being shown off in grand style. Expect to see a lot of spider cosplays...I mean more than usual. They're highly popular already.

One of the most eye catching parts of the whole SPIDERVERSE SAGA is the inclusion of some awesome Spider Woman variants.

With an alternate reality Gwen Stacy commonly refered to as Spider Gwen and the mysterious Silk, along with a costume change to our own Spider-Woman gives us a lot of different looks with the same motif.

Add to that the myriad of Spider characters who are disappearing about as fast as they show up, and this may be the last time we see this many Spider-Man cosplayers hitting the CONS this hard for quite some time.

And if that wasn't enough, the highly successful Marvel movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy are sure to spur an army of Cosplayers showing off their best StarLord, Drax, and even Groot and Rocket.

The Winter Soldier cosplays have already begun!

I'm not really surprised that Quicksilver from Days of Future Past is making the rounds.

But Marvel isn't the only one getting into the groove of changes. DC opened up a new look for Batgirl that is already getting some play.

There were slight changes to the DC Trinity in the New 52, but a little is all it takes to spur a new costume. The New Teen Titans caused quite a stir among the old school with changes in the classic costumes of Robin, Raven, Wonder Girl and Beast Boy. The adding of Bunker didn't hurt the visuals of the team at all.

Cosplayers are already picking up on new looks from Power Girl, Harley Quinn and Super Girl.

Even though the movie's not even out till 2016, expect to see renditions of the DC Trinity from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice to be making the rounds this year.

And, as far as that goes, be watching for spin off cosplays from the upcoming Disney/Marvel movies Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant Man to bring in new cosplay fodder!

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