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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been the man for way too long. By far the most successful wrestler-turned-actor, he has managed to stay ridiculously buff AND develop his acting chops over the past couple of decades.

There's no denying he's made some mistakes along the way - nobody is perfect - he DID make Tooth Fairy after all. I'm sure he regrets that, but the Fast and Furious franchise, [Hercules](movie:365390), and the like have done him quite well as far as his bank account is concerned.


Normally, when somebody is as physically imposing as The Rock, it's at times difficult for them to have much personality outside of being "that big guy." Terry Crews and Dwayne Johnson, in my mind, have done the best job of finding a way to be taken seriously but also be self-deprecating in the process as HUGE men.

Check out some of these pics of The Rock being awesome:

The Rock flexing while on Splash Mountain should be on ALL Disneyland promotional materials

This is probably the best possible outcome you can have when you walk over to the photo area after getting off Splash Mountain. It really gets no better than this. Epic.

The Rock photobombing a fan taking a selfie is pretty much what dreams are made of

You gotta love the fact that The Rock just made this dude's Instagram-day. Like, this is Instagram gold. I'm sure the 'likes' came flying in mere moments after this was posted.

The Rock loving up on his mom is not only precious but really makes you think how anybody could give birth to this massive individual

Calling his mom "MamaRock" is adorable - maybe he's really just a momma's boy beneath all of the tough-guy stuff.

The Rock being swagged out in the hospital somehow

A hospital is typically a place that can get us down. After all, getting sick or injured sucks, no matter what. However, The Rock is out here rocking an Under Armour Superman shirt, flexing per usual with a hospital hat on. Everything about this picture makes me smile.

The Rock chilling with Shaq and Charles Barkley and somehow looking tiny is the best

A lot of people in Hollywood like to pretend they're bigger than they actually are... not going to name any names there, don't worry, Tom and RDJ are safe. BUT, The Rock is comfortable taking a photo with two massive former professional basketball players and laugh about how much bigger they are than him. Cool stuff. Cool picture. Coolest dude.

The Rock obviously played football at Miami - one of the most swagged out college football programs in the country

I hear he was a pretty good player, too! It's hard to believe that he got even bigger AFTER playing football.

More mom-love from our boy, Dwayne

Special. It seems like The Rock truly hasn't let fame and money change him. He looks so genuinely happy in these pics. What a dude...


What will The Rock's legacy end up as?

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