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So, with the recent casting announcements/rumors - some more recent than others - I thought that I'd do a profile article for each of the announced Squad members, along with some hopes an expectations for their individual roles in the movie next year. I thought I'd choose Deathstroke first, as he is by far my favorite of the announcements(/rumors) so far, as well as the most recent. So, let's get down to it:

Real Name: Slade Joseph Wilson

Alias: Deathstroke/Deathstroke the Terminator

Age: Variable (obviously), but generally portrayed as being a veteran, so late 40's early 50's.

Appearance: Intimidating. Split orange/yellow and black facepiece/helmet. Generally dresses to match those colors. Body armor. Carries staff/sword/rifle on his back.

Supernatural Abilities: Enhanced speed, stamina, strength, reflexes to an almost superhuman level. Tactical genius (can use opponents abilities against them, if you see what I mean). Increased healing factor, though cannot regrow limbs or entire body parts. Veteran martial artist. Multilingualism.

Equipment: Deathstroke most notably uses a Katana (a big sword), a staff that can fire non-lethal blasts from either end, various guns rifles and knives. His body armor is composed of a mesh woven, kevlar chain link metal, which can stop minor arms fire.

Basically he's a total badass.

He's also already been portrayed in live action on the TV show Arrow, by actor Manu Bennett. There was also an episode that featured Suicide Squad as well, though Deathstroke was not included in it.

Manu Bennett's Deathstroke
Manu Bennett's Deathstroke

My hopes for him in the movie.

It has been recently announced that Slade Wilson/Deathstroke could possibly be portrayed by Joe Manganiello. I, personally, like this thought; Manganiello certainly looks the part (so he's old enough and big enough, basically). This casting is just a rumor for the time being.

Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello

I, personally, hope Deathstroke is not portrayed as being Superhuman. I feel this would take an element of his "badassery" away, because what is more badass than a guy with no powers going around beating up superpowered people? (ahem, Batman). However, much like Batman, he needs to be portrayed at the height of physicality, as an expert marksman, martial artist, tactician, etc.

No caption needed. Bad. Ass.
No caption needed. Bad. Ass.

As for how he will fit into the plotline? As there has been no synopsis yet (clearly, the movie is still an age away), I can only hope that he will be included, at least partly. It has been reported that it will be both Will Smith's Deadshot and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn taking center stage for this movie. Maybe if Deathstroke just popped in at the end, to aid in the Joker's (Jared Leto) rumored jailbreak at the end of the movie?

However, much all of this casting and plotline sounds cool, it is still all just rumor. But wow I cannot wait for this movie. The DC cinematic universe is going to explode onto our screens very soon. It's going to be huge. Just my prediction.

I am also extremely pleased with the confirmed casting announcements so far. I think each actor/actress will do very well (Yes, that includes Cara Delevingne as the Enchantress).

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I hope this was worth the read.



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