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OMG !! I was surfing the web and looking at funny photos when I found these and thought you would like to see them too. Some of them are just so bad they will make you laugh!

Let's start by taking some of the biggest Disney Animated Movie Characters: Tarzan, Jane, Ariel, Max and Roxanne, and many more - now look at these faceswaps and tell me what you think in the comments xD !

All the imaes were edited by disneyfaceswap .

Ariel and Flotsam and Jetsam

Kronk and Yzma

Maleficient and Her Crow

Doctor Facilier and Tia

Jane and Tarzan

Alice and the Mad Hatter

Anna and Hans

Max and Roxanne

Jasmine and Street Peddler

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Belle and Maurice

Ariel, Eric and Sebastian

Meg and Hades

The Old Man and the Boy

Kida and Kashekim Nedakh

Snow White and Prince Charming

Wow, so you saw them and I guess you are now thinking some specific ones, like the Max and Roxanne one was really creepy, and the Kida and Kashekim Nedakh, and the Meg and Hades one, but some of them were cute like The Old Man and the Boy.

Anna and Hans and Alice and the Mad Hatter were funny!


What do you think ?


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