ByMatina Ksidi, writer at

We all know that guy from Teen Wolf. That special guy, the reason we watch that serie.. Well not everyone like him but i do..:P

  • From the 1st season we realize that Stiles is Scott best friend. I want him for my friend anyway.. He is nice, a person to trust, he is funny and also a nerdy we love <3
  • We all know Stiles and Lydia are gonna be together.. I KNOW THAT. It has to be like this.. NO MALIA only LYDIA. So.. back to the review. He is the best lover.. When he fall in love he is gonna love so hard and truly..that's what every girl wants..
  • As a hero..what can i say..

Well don't comment or judje my review because it was my first and i have not idea what i'm doing..:P


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