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Mike Twistedblak Q

After 5 years of the late Heathe Ledger infamous role of the joker, the role is still vacant and not to many people can fill his shoes after is amazing performance on the Dark Knight movie.

Rumors always get around that Ben Aflect will cast someone to play joker in his upcoming films of Batman (which he purchased the rights of Batman and will write and star himself) that will be released after the Man of Steel sequal next year.

Whichh leaves the only question...who will be Joker? And will they finall introduce Harley Quinn in any upcoming live action DC films.

With the series Gotham now on Fox.. People get a close look on the villains of the story and learn about Gordons History as a cop for Gotham City beforw help of the Batman. I wonder if the will explain or show what happen to joker face and insane mind.

Well only time can tell if this will happen and hopefully our dreams come true. Long live the Joker legacy.


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