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Whether you're a fan or not, we can all pretty much agree Meryl is the queen of the silver screen and know she's a true performer. Last night Streep bust onto the Artios Awards stage in NYC to give the biggest of thanks to Into the Woods director Rob Marshall. Marshall received the New York Apple award for all of his contributions to theater and a room full of movie lovers got quite the spectacle as Streep broke out onto the stage in song.

To say I'm jealous is a grave understatement...
To say I'm jealous is a grave understatement...

She's the ham I always hoped she'd be and now I'm even more intimidated by her ability to be human despite being Meryl.

The Artios Awards took place in New York City and Los Angeles last night to honor casting directors from film, television, and theater. Several stars came out to honor these unsung heroes of the entertainment world, including Marvel's new Black Panther Chadwick Boseman. He might be the nicest person alive...sorry Meryl. Boseman wooed the crowd with humility and charm as he told some of his most embarrassing stories from the casting room - but hey, they landed him in some of his biggest roles!

At the event, hosted by comedian Patton Oswalt, Patricia Arquette brought the feels with her introduction of Boyhood director Richard Linklater who was honored with the Career Achievement Award.

Linklater shows off his boyish charm.
Linklater shows off his boyish charm.

Maybe next year we can see Scorsese do a little tap dance...stay tuned for next year's event. (fingers crossed for the tap dance)

...Until next year!


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