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When I wrote my last article I had planned on making it a single post, however, I didn't realize that there was only one female in the Marvel Encyclopedia who weighed over 1K pounds. So, I decided to make my last article the first of a series of 4 articles on Marvel and DC Characters who may end up in each companies Cinematic Universe. I will also be doing at least two fun articles on the hottest characters in each universe (I haven't decided if that will be literally or figuratively yet, so don't pre-judge people). Without farther ado, here is my top ten list of Marvel Heavyweight women who may end up in the MCU or other Movie Universe:

1. Wolfsbane (12 FT, 1,050 LBS)

Rahne Sinclaire was an Orphan raised by a Minister until Puberty when her mutant powers surfaced and she was hunted by the same townspeople who had been her friends. She was rescued by Dr. Moira MacTaggert and split her time thereafter either living with Dr. MacTaggert or with different X-teams. She may end up in one of the re-booted X-men movies or as a member of one of the other X-team Movies in Development with Fox. We can only hope to see the X-men in the MCU before we get too old.

2. Jocasta (5 FT 9 IN, 750 LBS)

Ultron created Jocasta as a mate (and way of destroying the Avengers) using Ant-man's wife, Janet Van Dine (Wasp) as the basis for her personality. Jocasta turned against Ultron however and aided the Avengers instead of destroying them. She has since served with the Mavericks and Hank Pym's Avengers team. She may end up in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but if not then hopefully she'll be in Avengers: Infinity War.

3. She-Hulk (6 FT 7 IN, 650 LBS)

Jennifer Walters was given a Blood Transfusion by her cousin, Bruce Banner (Hulk), which transformed her into the She-Hulk. Unlike Bruce, however, Jennifer has always been able to change form at will (He originally only changed at night, then when angry, then he changed color, before eventually being able to change at will). She has been a member of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the Defenders. She has also worked as a Lawyer and a Bounty Hunter. Since the Hulk's popularity is rising again due to the Avengers films, I am hoping that the studio will either make her an Avenger in the Infinity War film, have her in the planned defenders movie, or give her a film of her own.

4. Titania II (6 FT 6 IN, 545 LBS)

Mary Macpherran was a Denver, Colorado Suburbanite who was given super-powers by Dr. Doom after the Beyonder transported her home to Battleworld during the first Secret War. She fought on Dr. Doom's side during that conflict becoming attracted to Crusher Creel (Absorbing Man) in the process. They eventually got married. She served in the Masters of Evil and the Frightful Four over the years and had an on-going feud with She-Hulk. That feud eventually ended in her death after she went after She-Hulk despite being shrunk by Ant-man. She ended up being eaten by a shark during that encounter. She could end up in one of the Avengers movies, the Defenders movie, a She-Hulk movie, or even in a Frightful Four or Secret War film down the line.

5. Karnilla (6 FT 6 IN, 475 LBS)

Karnilla is the Queen of Nornheim and the most powerful Sorceress in the Asgardian Realm. She has allied herself with Loki in the past due to Balder the Brave spurning her advances toward him. She trained the Enchantress (see number 7) in the ways of Sorcery after finding out that they shared similar experiences since Thor spurned Amora's advances as Balder spurned hers. However, she helped Balder fight the Demon Surtur, after which time he did come to love her and committed himself to a life in Nornheim ruling with her over his life in Asgard. She could be in a future Thor film or even an Avengers film helping Loki fight against them.

6. Valkyrie (6 FT 3 IN, 475 LBS)

Odin appointed Brunnhilde as leader of the Valkyrior, giving her the task of bringing all fallen warriors to Valhalla. The Enchantress (Amora,see number 7) trapped her Spirit and took over her body to deceive the Avengers, however, Brunnhilde eventually was able to re-join her body and spirit. At which time she joined the Defenders, eventually dying during the Ragnarok storyline. She could be in a future Thor or Avengers film.

7. Enchantress (6 FT 3 IN, 450 LBS)

Amora is an Asgardian who studied under the tutelage of the master sorceress, Karnilla (see number 5). Amora is a Vain & Headstrong woman who turned to evil after Thor spurned her advances and a life in Asgard in order to continue protecting Earth. She truly loves him and has decided she will have him willing or not, going as far as trapping Valkyrie's (see number 6) spirit and taking over her body in order to deceive the Avengers and be closer to Thor. Tom Hiddleson, who plays Loki in the Thor and Avengers films has stated he would like to explore the relationship between Loki & Amora according to Clever news, so it wouldn't surprise me if she shows up in a future Thor film.

8. Ayesha (6 FT 6 IN, 390 LBS)

Originally known as Her or Paragon, She was created by the same enclave that created Adam Warlock (originally known as Him) after he rebelled against them. She was supposed to be the perfect life form, just as he was supposed to be before her. However, She also rebelled against them, destroying their base before going after Adam Warlock in order to mate. When she found him he spurned her advances, causing her to then per-sue a relationship with Quasar instead. Since we are mostly of a mind that Adam Warlock's Cocoon was in the Guardians of the Galaxy film, it stands to reason that he will be in a future Guardians and/or Avengers film. The studio could very easily introduce Ayesha as the one who finds him before the heroes or villains do.

9. Thundra (7 FT 2 IN, 350 LBS)

She is the only Woman on this list who isn't originally from our Earth (Earth-616), instead coming from Earth-715 where Women rule and use men for slaves and breeding similar to the Amazons on Paradise Island before Wonder Woman came to the outside world. Thundra is one of that Earth's best Warriors and was sent to our world to defeat Thing of the Fantastic Four. However, She feel in love with him instead, eventually taking him back with her to help liberate her Earth (known as Femizonia). During the first Secret Invasion she started a colony on our Earth and captured a Skrull, which she turned over to the Inhumans. She could possibly be in the new Fantastic Four series, if there is an actual series.

10. She-Thing (6 FT, 340 LBS)

The Daughter of a Career Army Officer, Sharon Ventura gained Super Strength from the Power Broker, becoming Ms. Marvel. While on a Mission with the Fantastic Four in outer space, She was bombarded with Cosmic Rays which mutated her into the She-Thing. She remained a member of the Fantastic Four until she was given a chance to become normal again. She ended up joining the Frightful Four for a time before Dr. Doom seemingly did return her to normal. However, She ended up mutating into an even more hideous form before being captured by the Skrulls. She is another character who could end up in one of the new Fantastic Four movies or maybe even have her own Ms. Marvel movie for now and later on be introduced into the Fantastic Four franchise.

There you have them, folks. The 10 heaviest Female Marvel Characters who I believe could end up on a movie screen in the near future. What do you think? Are any of these Women Characters that you would like to see on the Big Screen? Let me know in the comments below and follow me on [email protected] if you like.


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