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Back in 2013, I was excited (and intrigued) that Sony had green lit a Captain Planet film. My concern was the dated theme of show being transported into 20 years in the future. There's a different mindset. Pollution still exists but in the 1990's, it was all the talk: Recycle, reduce, reuse. Planet's costume also needed an adjustment. The red muscle shirt would not translate well to a live audience and also, who is Captain Planet? Why are he and Gaia so passionate about saving the Earth from pollution when... other than a successful angle to educate children on the importance of environmental care? I've looked around and can't find the answer. Understand, Captain Planet is still making an impact. Check out but the film is still under production. No doubt, Sony is struggling with the script.
I would love to write the screenplay. Here's my idea of an origin and a relatable, entertaining film plot.


Will Captain Planet Movie Work?

Just to start off, let's save time in the film by not making it an origin story: Captain Planet exists and the Planeteers are veterans now in the 20s pushing 30. My explanation for Captain Planet and Gaia is this: Gaia has been currently holding the position of protector of Earth. She comes from a group of powerful beings who seek to care for other planets, linking their life force to the host planet in hopes of guarding the inhabitants from carelessly causing their own destruction. She creates the elemental warrior, Captain Planet, to be the hands on champion of Earth. As fail safe from making him too powerful, he cannot fly away from Earth nor keep himself apart from the rings or his power will fade leading to his own fatality. Rather than to put so much power in one being, she separates them into five rings: Earth (vegetation, soil, stone), Fire (magma, fire, heat), Wind (air currents, tornadoes), Water (manipulate, lift, and direct water), and Heart (telepathic location and communication with life forms as small as cells and as large as whales).

PLOT: The Planeteers stumble on a scheme in which Native American are swindled into selling portions of their land which is secretly used to dump Hazardous waste. Looten Plunder uses is skills in sells to own portions of the land for himself then turns around and leases the land for hazardous waste disposal. Neither the Natives nor the Companies dumping the waste are aware of the scheme.

STORY: The Planeteers become aware of the plot zip over in their Eco-Jet. They over by the window of the sky scraper as the meeting is taking place. When the plan is in danger of being revealed, Plunder quickly hides the paper work. Wheeler shoots a heat beam melting a circle in the window. Gi overloads the sprinkler system spraying water over the paperwork and computers infuriating Plunder. Linka points the ring causing a cyclone within the office then pulls back causing a vacuum sucking the Indian chief and his tribal associate out of the hole. The two men are launched into the Eco-Jet safely while Ma Ti sends a swarm of pigeons to overwhelm Plunder and his security team. The Planeteers fly away.

What inevitably happens is a team up between Plunder and Nukem. Plunder needs a man that can go toe to toe with Captain Planet and with his radioactive power, Nukem can also weaken Planet. Nukem agrees developing traps for Planet leaving the Planeteers powerless. One such event is a wildfire.

As a wild fire rages on, Plunder and Nukem see an opportunity to use the smoke to their advantage against Captain Planet. The Planeteers arrive to help the fire fighting team. They don protective gear and make their way to various positions keeping contact via radios. Ma Ti ensures the safety of the animals as they escape or can't. Linka shifts the wind against the fire slowing its spread of embers. Kwame runs in with a fire fighting team and uses is Earth ring to shake the soil loose then forces a barrier of stone and dirt between the burning timber and the rest of the forest. Wheeler flys over head in an observation helicopter receiving direction from the fire fighters on where to set a control fire - a technique used to burn off fuel before the wildfire can get to it. Wheeler sends a stream of fire fast across the woodlands impressing the fire fighters. Kwame sees a massive tree falling but raises a large stone knocking back a fire fighter and shielding him from the falling tree. Kwame looks about and sees the fire spreading and the fire fighters backing off more and more. He calls out to Gi who is overwhelmed by all the water she sending over the fires. Linka is alerted by Ma Ti that Kwame's team is in danger of being overrun with fire. She forces a strong wind giving Kwame and his team some time to back off more . He tells Gi that he's creating a ditch. Dusts flies up as a 30 ft wide ditch blasts from Kwame's team over the lake Gi is at. Gi sends a tower of water to fill the ditch. She calls out to Linka to form a small vortex. Linka does and the tornado is hit with water which is sprayed over a large area including Kwame's team. Wheeler is told that it's too dangerous for the helicopter to get near them for extraction. He can see Kwame's team as the helplessly make their retreat. Wheeler advises that they call for Captain Planet.

Capt. Planet orders Kwame's team to load up on a wild fire tractor and lifts them all at once out of the blaze. Planet realizes that more people need help. He zooms over to their locale - a cabin. When he lands, he's ambushed by Nukem.

So anyway, that's too scenes. I think their very entertaining and doable for a live action film. What do you think? Any other ideas? Got a better plot?


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