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Sean Penn is a world-class actor who has had numerous iconic roles throughout his career. It appears he's now turning to the action genre, to try to mimic the success of Liam Neeson, another classically trained actor who showed he can also be an ultimate bad-ass.

I'm not sold yet, but this could work! It just depends on Penn's ability to completely go full throttle and own it. I just... I don't know.

Is that really the face of an action star? Check out the international trailer for [The Gunman](movie:738063):

The director is Pierre Morel - oddly enough, that's the guy who directed the first Taken. Talk about a tried and true formula! Big time actor, proven director, and guns... LOTS of guns.

Penn is also going to have a lot of help in the form of his supporting cast. We're talking Idris Elba, Ray Winstone, Javier Bardem, and Mark Rylance.

So, it's really kind of like this... if The Gunman isn't good, we can fully give the credit for the Taken movies to Liam effing Neeson. Think about it. The director is the same, the story is similar and pretty standard action movie fare, there's a strong supporting cast, and we have an elite actor. That's the one x-factor. Neeson vs. Penn.

Do you think you'll see The Gunman when it comes out March 20th?


Do you think 'The Gunman' looks good?

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