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Many people in the country of Turkey know Cüneyt Arkın, a well-known Turkish actor and martial artist most notable for starring in action films. In the United States and some other countries, Mr. Arkın is best known for starring in a 1982 science fiction film known as Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man Who Saved the World), which would popularly be known as the "Turkish Star Wars" due to a large amount of bootlegged Star Wars footage (as well as some music from unrelated films) used in the film.

Two years later, in 1984, Cüneyt Arkın would star in another famous film of his, known as Ölüm Savaşçısı (pronounced "o-luhm sav-ash-chuh-suh"), whose title translates to English as Death Warrior. Unlike some of the low-budget knock-offs Mr. Arkın starred in, Death Warrior is not really a knock-off of any Western film per se, but it sure has the fighting styles that you can find in Turkish Star Wars. Notably, Death Warrior was also directed by Çetin İnanç, the same guy who directed Turkish Star Wars. Both Arkın and İnanç had worked on various (notably low-budget) film projects together.

I've known only a little bit about this movie. Cüneyt Arkın plays a police detective named Inspector Kemal, who is also a professional martial artist who uses his skills to stop crimes. Inspector Kemal also gets infiltrated by a motorcycle gang along with the main villain, who is possibly the leader of the gang. I've only seen the final fight scene of this movie on YouTube, and I almost watched the whole fight scene. So far, even for a low-budget film like this one, Death Warrior has what's gotta be the coolest fight scene of any film, and it even makes the fight scenes from Turkish Star Wars look even more fantastic!

If you want to see how cool (and hammy, if you will) this fight scene really is, then go ahead and watch the clip below!

How do I recommend Death Warrior? Well, if you're into foreign action films that have that classic Bruce Lee-style fighting, you might wanna get a kick out of this, if you're lucky enough to find a copy with English subtitles. Or, if you're simply into Turkish movies, this is easy for me to recommend.


What are your thoughts on Ölüm Savaşçısı (Death Warrior)?


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