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Marvel, DC ? i don't care, i'm in.
Jean-baptiste Carluer

What if THE character that everybody searching all along gotham's episodes just appear in the first one ?

Let's begin with some story,

You haven't read the comics smile ? You haven't saw the first Gotham tv show ? Be careful of spoil in this article...

In the comics "Smile !" we see how a crappy actor becoming THE Joker :

This is the story of a unfunny actor, his wife is waiting for a baby, and they living with nothing, the only way for him to give something to his son is making money, and what can you doing in gotham when you want money ?

You steal money, you work with bad guy.

We are ready, this is here, they failed their burglary and the batman is here, the actor will fall accidently in an acid cuve and then become the joker

Okay, now let's return to Gotham, in Gotham Bruce Wayne is young, so Batman is not born yet, and The joker to,


The actor (futur joker) is probably living, and he have just show his face in the really first one episod, his name was not tell but, when we think about it...who is the joker ?

Nobody know it...

"I like you, you're funny" - Fish
"I like you, you're funny" - Fish

The scene take place at the end of the episode and the only thing we see is a bad actor, seeing Fish beating Cobblepot.


What do you think ?


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