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Avert disaster, just in time.

I know, we know, everyone knows the fact of Jared Leto's filling the character of 'The Joker' in director David Ayer’s (Fury) DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad but, have you ever wondered who else could perform this supervillain? If you did, then you should continue reading this article.

First things first, and I'm not the realest, let split the whole Batman's arch-nemesis in three main features: Madness, Shadiness and Lacked Sanity. So, now we have the three features, it's time to talk about how The Joker could be play if only we take one of those pillars and we did the main strength of character itself. Let's get-r-done, folks!

Christoph Waltz

Christoph as Hans Landa. He's our Madness.
Christoph as Hans Landa. He's our Madness.

Inglourious Basterds. Come on! His performance is top notch, his first scene is totally superb. Is slyly eloquent, expressing every emotion with conviction and persuasion, something that not every actor has today in whatever situation. He will make you speak as his modest and unique methods of interrogation, and that's something you need if you're looking for the Batman.

His madness is one of that kind you only could understand if you're in the same boxed and prowess situation. Nobody says 'Goodbye' anymore, when you leave you just yell: Au revoir, Shoshana! because Waltz's fault.

Crispin Glover

Crispin as Thin Man. He's our Shadiness.
Crispin as Thin Man. He's our Shadiness.

Charlie's Angels. A truly bizarre and nerve-racking role as Thin man, shows us how far you can get mixing some yelling and creepy gestures. Everyone remembers Glover as George McFly, but this is the real character who points us the innate ability that Crispin has for being an actor.

His shadiness could make a big difference and revolutionary performance, making us think twice before choose our favorite next Joker.

Robert Knepper

Knepper as T-Bag. He's our Lacked Sanity.
Knepper as T-Bag. He's our Lacked Sanity.

Prison Break. He freaking nailed it! I've never seen in my entire life normal villain (no powers, no nothing) who gaves that feeling of concern about how we can transform by actions we have committed in the past. It's terrific brilliant his role as Thedore Bagwell, I mean, I cannot take out of my head his 'Hey, pretty' quote everytime I hear something relative to sensitive issues of sexual assault.

His character marked us all so much that everyone can only look at him as a psychopath and not as just another actor. He only got everything for play as The Joker: His crazy staring, his 'mouth thing' and 'the lacked sanity' factor.

So, if you had to stay with any of these factors (Madness, Shadiness or Lacked Sanity), what would you choose?


Sooner or later, one of this actors should be playing (I hope so) the role as 'The Joker', but which one takes the lead so far?


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