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Its something many were speculating and were so sure about since the first Age Of Ultron trailer and that Andy Serkis role as Klaw. Well its time to say i told you so because apparently its confirmed now that he in fact will be play the villainous Klaw! According to Schmoesknow and their very reliable Marvel source Serkis is 100% Klaw but also his father Fritz Klaue might have a brief appearance or mention in Ultron.

We can now confirm that Andy Serkis is in fact playing Klaw!
This version of Klaw will be a sort of amalgamation of both Klaw and his father in the comics, Fritz Klaue, who has a history in the comics (and from what we hear in the film as well) with Baron von Strucker (Thomas Kretschmann) and The Howling Commandos.

Fritz could possibly have a small appearance in the film or a passing reference, but most of his attributes will be given to Serkis’ Klaw.

If you're not too familiar with Fritz Klaue i went over him in an older article you can catch here. Ill give you a quick rundown though Fritz Klaue was basically a Nazi officer who traveled to Wakanda to collect Vibranium. We all know the affiliation with the Nazis and HYDRA so cue in the Captain America and Shield tie ins already because here we go.

We already saw in Captain America The First Avenger how the Howling Commandos basically demolished most of the Nazi groups. I mean the guys went through bases like nothing well my theory is this. In Agent Carter we get another glimpse of the Howling Commandos so the group is still there to clean up whatever is left of Hydra even if Captain isn't around no more. Im pretty sure by now it must be a bigger operation possibly even global.

Lets say the commandos get a lead that something big is happening somewhere like Wakanda?! Fritz Klaue will obviously being there to try and collect the Vibranium after learning of Captain's shield to try and create a weapon of sorts for HYDRA or even himself. What if the commandos infiltrate the base though before he has a chance to get anywhere near it though and wipe him out. Fritz is gone now but Hydra was never really totally eliminated then you have the fact that Klaue had a son and his name is Ulysses. I'm pretty sure Klaue would have had to be working close to HYDRA so his son Ulysses would be brought up by them to follow in his fathers footsteps. This also means that Ulysses Klaw will be out for revenge on Captain America and anyone close to him including The Avengers. I think were going to see Klaw working side by side with Baron Von Strucker in the beginning of the movie.

I've always believed Ultron would in fact come along with The Avengers to the HYDRA castle to sort of test him out. This is where Ultron will have witnessed the twins and decides to come back when he loses his mind and goes homicidal. When Ultron comes back though he not only takes the twins with him but also finds out about Vibranium after pulling Klaw up in a database there. This would set up Wakanda and The Black Panther as Ultron would travel with Klaw to retrieve the indestructible material. There's also one more wild theory i have and that has to do with Klaw's arm.

I strongly believe Klaw will have a severed arm from either The Avengers or an encounter with Black Panther through flashbacks. Im going to go ahead and say its Ultron who goes on and creates his infamous sonic emitter arm. Ultron wouldn't gamble Klaws life before attaining the Vibranium so he will give him something to defend himself with. This is my theory on Ulysses tie to HYDRA and new formation with Ultron. I also believe his tie ins come from Captain America and Agent Carter. What do you guys think about how Ulysses Klaw could tie in to the MCU?


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Will Ulysses Klaw Have Ties With Hydra?


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