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Amy Martin

Relative newcomer Nina Arianda has just been cast as detective Will Graham's wife in NBC's crime thriller show 'Hannibal'. Hugh Dancy and Nina Arianda are already long time pals, as the two starred together in the Broadway show 'Venus in Fur' back in 2010.

Show makers NBC describe Arianda's character as follows:

“In her 30's, Molly is Will’s new wife; she’s also the mother of 12-year-old Walter. Molly is strong, vibrant, and has helped Will overcome his past. Molly knows all that has gone before and doesn't care. She understands that Will is a good man and her love has allowed him to rebuild himself, but when Will is asked to return to the FBI she also urges him to try and save lives, knowing what risks this entails."
Dancy and Ariana in 'Venus In Fur'
Dancy and Ariana in 'Venus In Fur'

We can only assume that season 3 will be set at least 6 months to a year down the timeline from the climactic season 2 finale, as Will wasn't in any kind of relationship back in season 2. It will be interesting to see how big of a role Will's wife plays in the episodes/seasons to come, and if she sticks around for long!

Hannibal will return with all new episodes in Summer this year (US).


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