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So January 21st, 2015 has come and gone and to the surprise of many Arrow fans, including myself, no Lazarus Pit. Now I must say at first I thought the use of a Lazarus Pit would be a little weird for a show that hasn't really utilized the more fantastic areas of the comic books that we have seen in the Flash series and Marvel's Agents of Shield. There is still a chance that they will use a "Lazarus Pit like" entity or item to explain Oliver Queen's resurrection from the dead, but as of right now it looks to be more like a witch craft type thing or maybe even an old Asian remedy like we seen on the Karate Kid.

Yeah he came back from that
Yeah he came back from that

All that being said the episode really didn't focus much on the death or resurrection of Oliver Queen, but rather on the reactions of the team to his death. The character that this episode really focused on was the reaction of Felicity Smoke. While Dig and Roy both wanted to continue the fight to save Starling City, Felicity, while focused at the start of the episode, lost her focus quick and started doing things to "save" her friends lives and in turn causing a lot of friction in the team.

She went through all 5 stages of Grief in one ep.
She went through all 5 stages of Grief in one ep.

I hope the next episode will explain a little more of what is going on with Oliver and his resurrection and hopefully he will make it back to Starling before we forget what it is like to see the awesomeness of the Green Arrow putting arrows through the criminals of Starling City.

Oh and did i forget to mention that Canary is much better than the last version we seen on the show.


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