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I think I've read and wrote enough fan fiction to know that sometimes we as a fan base of many different fandoms, can come up with better ideas than the creators themselves. Of course, it's bound to happen that our own theories are debunked, but sometimes, it's better not to know the truth. Why? Because sometimes the truth is LAME. That's right.

I'll admit, some of these theories are my own (or haven't heard of from anyone else) but I have been told by so many people that it sounded way cooler than the true stories, even by die hard fans. Plus, I'm sure that many other people have had the same ideas as me.

Agent Carter Theory: Peggy Carter is Tony Stark's Mother

Yes. Captain America kind of thought these two kind of had a think going on (in his words, they could be fondue-ing), so why not after Cap doesn't show up to his prearranged date before his presumed death, Howard Stark saves the day and then later get married (or have a fun night) and give birth to Tony. Then Steve Rogers is forced to fight alongside the man who's mother was supposed to be his wife, and father, his friend, with the company the two built together.

TRUTH: Tony Stark's Mother is "Maria Stark"

There isn't much known about his mother. Even on Marvel Movies Wiki there isn't much of a description about her or how she and Howard met, which makes the theory of kick-ass Peggy a much better theorized mother. However, I don't think that the theory is completely out of the hole considering how some people other than me are suspecting it.

Twilight Theory: Billy Black is Paralyzed From a Car Accident

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who had this theory. When we read/see that Billy is in a wheelchair, and if you really care about the characters, it makes you wonder what happened since they never actually say why or how he got there.

Well, if you read the books (Breaking Dawn in specific), you should know that Jacob's mom (Sarah Black) died in a car accident. When you read that, it only makes sense to think that Billy was in the car with her and he broke his spine making him paralyzed from the waist down.

TRUTH: He is Paralyzed From Diabetes

After reading the book "The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide" fans all over the world found out that his paralysis was less eventful than we/I thought. If anything, this makes me rethink keeping my job at a chocolate and ice cream store… be afraid everyone… be afraid.

Frozen Theory: Hans isn't Evil, but Cursed

This came from a tumblr post and went viral for a while. I have to say I actually genuinely agree with it. I mean, when I was watching the movie, I already knew he was evil because of the amount of spoilers on Facebook Disney pages (curse you Disney community!), but I wasn't a hundred percent sure that he was… evil. I mean, he was first of all handsome and they had a duet together which was way more than Kristoff and Anna had.

The theory was that Hans actually did love Anna and want to marry her, but during the song "Fixer Upper", the trolls sang:

"Get the fiancé out of the way and the whole thing will be fixed!"

So when they said that, they put a spell on Hans that would make his intentions seem evil instead of true for being with Anna, so when he was leaving Anna to die he was basically stuck in his own head saying "WHAT AM I DOING?! ANNA! HELP! PLEASE! I LOVE YOU!".

I still kind of think this is a true theory since the line after revealing he's evil "Elsa was preferable but no one was getting with her", dude. She was stuck in her room all day every day, no one even tried!… Then again I like Hans for no apparent reason so maybe I'm biased or I need help.

TRUTH: He's Evil.

I guess it's obvious that making Hans all handsome and singing a duet with Anna makes him the character to show little girls around the world that your first love isn't always true. On top of that, Disney had said that gloves are a symbolism of hiding something referencing both to Hans (always wearing gloves) and Elsa taking them off during "Let it Go".

Plus, he's a villain in Once Upon a Time so I think if his intentions were really good, the trolls would've come clean and Hans would be chill as ever (even though it takes place in an alternate universe). But who knows! Maybe Frozen 2 will make him come back. After all, the directors said to the voice actor (Santino Fantana) that they want to work with him again for the sequel!

Yup. He's evil alright.
Yup. He's evil alright.

Inside Out Theory: Riley is Genderqueer or Bisexual

Not to be a hipster, but I had this idea before it got people to draw to this conclusion. Why would Riley's emotions have different genders when everyone around her's emotions are all the same sex? This was shown in the scene where you look not only into Riley's mind, but into her parents' as well.

My boyfriend actually tried to debunk this before the film came out saying that the different sexes could be because Riley gets her Anger and Fear from her father, and her Joy, Disgust and Sadness from her mother. However, I feel like this was debunked too since if you watch the whole film and you look into the minds of other people, you notice, again, they're all the same sex, except for Riley (I also just realized that Riley is also a unisex name… just saying!). There's also the fact that she's kind of a tomboy, she plays hockey and she hasn't reached puberty yet, so it makes sense that she has some parts of herself that she hasn't discovered yet.

TRUTH: The genders of Riley's emotions were more or less randomized

Pixar has said that they had chosen the genders for each emotion because of the way they "swayed" the animators. Disgust was even supposed to be male until they casted Mindy Kaling. They also apparently wanted to keep things primarily female as Riley is only the second female protagonist in Pixar history (first being Merida in Brave). They said that they "hope no one will mind!" but I mind… I've minded from the start!

TIM BURTON THEROY: Vincent, Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, and Nightmare Before Christmas are about the same person

Now this one, I wasn't surprised to hear about. I mean, come on Tim Burton, do you have a thing about having two characters of two different movies have the same name and have a dog unless… they were connected!!

The theory goes that Victor (Frankenweenie) had adopted Abercrombie (the dog from the short film Vincent) and renamed him Sparky. After he dies (for real this time) Victor is so heart broken, his parents buy him another dog and names him Scraps, meanwhile, Sparky is later shown in the afterlife as Zero (Nightmare Before Christmas) and that is why his nose glows as a nod to his name in the past. However, after Scraps dies as well, Victor runs away from home and is adopted by the Van Dorts, however, because they are so poor, they later arrange a marriage to Victoria for her money. Ya de yada, Victor goes to purgatory with Emily and meets Scraps in skeleton form.

After Victor dies, he is then in Halloween Town and realizes he is in a place that needs to be scary, and so, he comes up with another alias for himself: Jack Skellington.

There's a lot more to this theory like how Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice work as well! You can see the creator of this theory's whole idea here.

TRUTH: They aren't the same person…

Cartoon Conspiracy does a good job of debunking this theory but I'll give you the gist.

As the host (Emily) reveals, the time lines do not work as Frankenweenie takes place sometime in the 1940s and Corpse Bride takes place in the late 1800s. Nor do all the dogs even look that much alike. Sure, Victor and Victor share some similarities but it is because they are loosely based on Tim Burton himself. Burton also had a very deep relationship with his dog when he was young so it makes sense to want to keep that man's best friend alive though his films. Tim Burton also didn't direct Nightmare Before Christmas (however he did make the story though a poem he wrote) which makes this not work in the universe at all.

Any other theories that are more awesome than the truth? Leave a comment!


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