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Yansong Li

Bronies, start dusting off your hype trains: Equestria Girls may possibly be close to returning to theaters. Equestria Daily reports that toys were spotted at the London Toy Fair 2015's Hasbro booth which depicted typical Equestria Girls merchandise, but under the brand, "Friendship Games".

Many people have been speculating that this brand may have some reference to the "Hunger Games" series over the fact that Applejack on the box is clearly wielding a bow. But the synopsis that Equestria Daily got may provide some bigger hints at a Hunger Games reference:

"Now, the Controversy. Equestria Girls is coming back with its third movie in August, (again, according to our guide.). EQ3 is set around the Friendship Games (that's the title, by the way), where the Wonderbolts will face off against the Shadowcolts. The two teams will take each other on in a series of sporting events, in the name of... well, friendship, I guess. "

Overall, though, given that the previous movie gave off a hint that Twilight was returning, and that this remains unanswered:

And the fact that the box contains Twilight with those glasses, it leaves a lot for bronies to speculate on how this next movie will turn out.

The quote above also mentions that the person never got to see any footage, or it could have been backstage, which indicates that the movie may be tightly held under wraps, as usual.

What do you guys think? Will there be a major shake up when the two Twilight Sparkles meet? Will human Pinkie Pie finally get a chance to visit her other version in Ponyville?


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