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So, let me begin this article by saying that it is completely fan theory and speculation. This has in no way been confirmed by the execs of Warner Bros. and DC Comics. However, it has been teased in some small way. Also, allow me to add that I doubt I am the first to write about this, but I have not read any other articles about it; so here goes.

Back in 2012, DC hit us with our first live-action superhero on big or small screens since the finale of Smallville back in 2011 with the CW's Arrow. It was then followed in 2013 with Man of Steel on the big screen. Season two of Arrow brought us a backdoor pilot to The Flash; and shows such as Gotham and Constantine were announced and brought to us this year.

Very exciting!!!
Very exciting!!!

Now, we have received the announcement of a handful of DC films and television series on their way to us in the upcoming years. The films are seen above, and the TV series include but are not limited to Titans on TNT, Supergirl on CBS, and Krypton on SyFy. It has also been suggested that Brandon Routh may reprise his role (and become a leading man) in an ATOM series that would further expand the Arrow/Flash-verse.

Now what brings me to the meat of the article can be seen in the above photo. Something every Grant Gustin/Flash fan have sighed about is the announcement that Ezra Miller would star as the Flash in the big screen flick. This, I believe, is actually good (because it supports the theory my hopes and dreams rest upon). It is not that Grant Gustin doesn't have the chops, it is the possibilities that it opens. If there are two Flashes and both are Barry Allen, there's your multiverse in action.

Geoff Johns spoke about the crossover possibility last year, giving an emphatic no. But, being the detail man I am, I noticed this statement,

“You’ll see a lot of DC universe characters [on 'The Flash' and 'Arrow']. You won’t see Batman or Superman. We’re on production on ‘Batman v Superman’ now. So you’ll see characters like The Atom or Firestorm, but no not Batman or Superman right now.

Intriguing isn't it? He also said, "(they're) their own universes." So what is the significance you might ask...... Go back with me to the early days of comics when comic company's did not overlord each and every detail of the comics to be published. A writer and artist had the freedom to do as they pleased so long as they stayed true to certain elements of the characters. This allowed for many fantastic stories and costumes, but also many plot holes. Characters' origins may have been told two or three different ways. For DC Comics, this led to a Crisis level event; specifically, the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This article is the main thread holding this theory together. Not only does it give us the greatest easter egg for the crisis, but it also mentions two names together we have been told will be kept apart--Wayne/Queen. If an upcoming season sees Oliver regain his company and name it Queen Inc. I will literally hit the floor!

“It’s a separate universe than film so that the filmmakers can tell the story that’s best for film, while we explore something different in a different corner of the DC universe.” -Geoff Johns

These words further strengthen my theory. Very well chosen "seperate universe" and "different corner" all allude to a Crisis level event. Furthermore, the fact that they are deciding to do a Titans and Supergirl show continue to keep me going. These are the sidekicks of the heroes we'll see in the films!!

You add to that the fact that it is Geoff Johns who has said all this, I mean the Chief Executive Creative Officer at the DC division of Warner Bros. C'mon!

Another note I would like to make is that Gotham hasn't really been able to determine what time it is in. It has 80's cars and 90's to early 2000's cell phones. It also has alternate versions of characters we'll end up seeing on the big screen. I don't see the necessity to add it to the Crisis, but it could work.

Also, this opens the door to bring back Christian Bale's Batman, Brandon Routh's Superman, and even Ryan Reynold's Green Lantern in the distant future should the execs really want to mess with us. (I personally would be 0 for 3 on that list.)


So we have:

  • Two cinematic versions of the Flash with one hinting at the Crisis
  • Two cinematic versions of the Suicide Squad
  • Upcoming series featuring some sidekicks from the Films heroes
  • A drama about Jim Gordon and Gotham in an unspecified time period
  • A mention of both Wayne and Queen, characters meant to stay apart on screen
  • A loose end about the appearance of Sups and Bats in the Berlanti-verse

*Update* - I wrote this article at around 2 a.m. and there were a few things I meant to say that I left out due to fatigue. The very concept of a cinematic multiverse opens the door to utilize every edition of the characters we have seen on screen already, and to bring in new ones that we otherwise would not see in reality. This includes Burton's Batman and company, the Lois and Clark version of Superman, Smallville's Superman, the list is endless. We could even see a campy Adam West Batman. The list is so lengthy I'll not be able to list them all, and there are quite a few we probably don't want (George Clooney/Batman).

I know the DC execs remember that the Multi-verse is such a strong and key part of their comics. So it just makes since that they would try to adapt that to the cinematic branch. I also said this would put Marvel in Crisis mode. Let's clear something up, DC and Marvel are rivals in their business. If one tries something the other is going to try to do it better. So Marvel is not just a step but leaps and bounds ahead of DC at this point. What more sensible way for DC to catch up than to get a "Movie-verse" started with Superman the first superhero, and build a big fan base on Television with the various shows we have before us. At last, DC can swing the final blow by saying, "Oh wait, they're not connected but they are; they belong in our Multi-verse."

Huge fan base, major profit across multiple platforms: the most difficult part will be the story telling, which is what DC has struggled with on the big screen. These shows do not have to stay connected either, that's the beauty of it. If this happens, DC wins, hands down.

Again, this is all just fan theory and speculation at this point, and we are at least five years from the possibility of it falling one way or the other. However it goes, you heard it here first! Like, subscribe, and comment (no foul language please) below.


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