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Jurassic Park and to a lesser extent The Lost World where two of the craziest dinosaur eating human films to come out. The special effects were terrifying and when the T-Rex was chasing you, you generally felt fear. Than Jurassic Park 3 came out and caused god to weep. The addition of a random dinosaur that no one has never heard of didn't enhance the film in any real good direction. It felt more like a collage of tired out chase cliches that where just thrown together. The film could have turned out to be something to live up to the other two titles but barely chugged along without adding any new excitement.

You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could that you didn't stop to think if you should. - The Real Jurassic Park

While trailers are never the best way to judge a film the fact that Jurassic World is being advertised next to a new Terminator has me first confused on what it really is right now and also what is going on with the writers? Both of these franchise were awesome at the start and the more people tried to continue them the more they fell apart. If Jurassic World is hoping to re-spark the same success the the other films in the franchise were able to pull off, it is going to have to get back in touch with its roots and really raise the bar.

It could just be the fear I have whenever I see a remake or an attempt to bring back classics. There is always the possibility that the film could be amazing, but it does seem like they are trying to beat a dead horse with this one. The last attempt at making Jurassic Park 3 was really nothing more than a terrible joke. The tension that made the first two exciting wasn't there and the story line moved along with the feeling that you have already been there before. The fact that out of all of the dinosaurs they had to choose from and they made up their own, leaves me wondering what was the reasoning for that? The velociraptors had me checking around corners and trying to avoid any field with tall grass.

Hopefully Jurassic World acts as a redemption. It would be nice to visit the amusement park of death again. The exception bar is set kind of low on this one however. Terminator Salvation could have been an epic film if the story and atmosphere didn't get butchered. Regardless of how many timeline theories that come out that film made no sense at all, and Jurassic World could very well find itself in the same boat.


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