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Lover of movies, lover of art, lover of the power of the mind

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far, far away we have pen, paper, pencils, paint and imagination. Now we have digital art and pens, paper and paints are strokes of clicks, but one thing remains the same and irreplaceable: the power of imagination. Imagination is the powerful light saber of art. The force that is strong that tells the most interesting stories and most moving images.

A group of artists from an illustration company called Red Ape have imagined what the Death Star would look like if it were actually a Zombie Station. What I saw them do is remarkable.

Zombie Anakin

Giv'em the laaazy eye, Anakin!

Zombie Maul

Looks like Darth Maul just needs a few stitches, otherwise he's the same!

Zombie Han

Nooo! He's even been stuck with his own lightsaber!

Zombie Jar Jar

Think I actually like him better this way.

Zombie Leia

At least she's still got her power buns.

Zombie Mace Windu

Dude, the lower half of your face is falling off!


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