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I am a fan of Constantine ever since Hellblazer in 1998 and i admit CONSTANTINE 2005 movie was a bit of the comics but try to stay true and also belive in this low life-thug cheap mage, cuz let's be clear who doesn't fall for his charm. I recently finish reading the DC comics series INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US Year #3 and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK from #0 to #21 (and still reading) also the New 52 Constantine from #1 to #15 (and still reading to) and can't wait for the Injustice Year #3 annual on april 29. Why it's a big deal for Me, well easy!! Constantine got some of the most interesting story lines from the dc universe. Also he admits that if the JLA din't save the universe all of those times he woldn't be there, and let's face it! He is one of the few who can stand a Mano-a-Mano whit Superman (you know why, cuz Magic!) and just like Batman, John also did hes homework on everyone on the Justice League and ARGUS .

But the let's not forget the also got hes tv series on NBC wicht it's in danger of been cancelled for the lack of viewers and the Exec producer Daniel Cerone says it’s too early to talk about a new home for Constantine, while urging viewers to keep watching and supporting the show also NBC say they’ve yet to give up on Constantine despite its low ratings, and insist that the fate of the supernatural drama is “still up in the air”, with Season 2 a possibility, heading into the final four episodes of Season 1.

So Please!! Let's still it got soo much potential!!


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