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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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With the Deadpool movie releasing in 2016 which is very close we are hoping for Ryan Reynolds to make a success out of it this time unlike the other comic book films Ryan Reynolds has acted in, but its not just because of that we want to see if Deadpool will break the 4th wall or not you've seen the Deadpool Movie Villains We Crave article by @SoulSurvivorsGaming but this list is in case he won't break the 4th wall in the movie so I'm sorry if you were expecting something else I really am.


Anaconda is one of Deadpool's baddest enemy and it would be cool to see the Merc With a Mouth battle Anaconda because she has already been cast and (I think) all her rights belongs to FOX now so yeah there could be a chance Deadpool would battle against Anaconda.


Just another Knight in Shinning Armour wannabe
Just another Knight in Shinning Armour wannabe

Deadpool has faced Taskmaster before I mean come on Taskmaster can mimicry anyone's fighting skills just by looking at it and plus Taskmaster is a little bit scared of Deadpool.

Besides wouldn't it be awesome to find someone who can copy anybody's skills except Deadpool's but though he would be easy to defeat if he is the big mastermind in all of this.


The Merc With a Mouth against his Half Man Half Machine sidekick as I like to call him. Deadpool do always f**k around with Cable and being an a**hole and it would be awesome to see them in a form of rivalry.

Cable could be mind controlled by Mr Sinister or Mr Sinister could manipulate Cable into killing Deadpool I mean Mr Sinister is a master manipulator.


Blockbuster could somehow find a way into becoming a villain in the Deadpool movie I mean he is a member of Mr Sinister's team alongside Arclight and Vertigo, besides Blockbuster was in the Deadpool game teaming up with Mr Sinister,Arclight and Vertigo so why wouldn't he be in the Deadpool movie, other than the reason that if Mr Sinister is not joining the Deadpool movie.

1.Mr Sinister

Speak of the devil Mr Sinister is at the top of this list and maybe he's going to be the one assembling the whole Deadpool villains on this list (including Cable) he is a master manipulator he could take in Anaconda,Taskmaster,manipulate Cable and Blockbuster and perhaps Arclight and Vertigo.

Honourable Mentions (Incase he breaks the 4th wall and also not)



Fox and Marvel writers

Andrew Garfield

He could hunt down Andrew Garfield for copying Deadpool's suit in Spider-man


Because making a Spider-man film and making him "UN" famous

The Entire Marvel Universe

Wouldn't it be fun to see Deadpool crossing out every character Marvel makes and leave him to be famous the only famous.


For being more awesome than Deadpool


For being such a douche!


For making Deathstroke and other superheroes more cooler than Deadpool

Barack Obama

Again it would be awesomely great to see Deadpool hunt Obama and forces him to let Deadpool become president although I'm not sure if Obama would make a cameo in a movie like Deadpool.

Deadpool himself

He could just hunt himself down he's an idiot or at least he could hunt all the cosplayers.

Stan Lee

Hunts Stan Lee or Jack Kirby down for not making him anymore awesome.


Deadpool could hunt down hot sexy girls throughout the film or at least make it his final mission


Which villain/person do you want to see in the Deadpool movie?


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