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Even though the 90's were the decade where traditional artwork was starting to be scrapped in favor of the easier paste and cut photo posters, they still produced some stunning iconic one sheets, here are 50 of the best!

1. Pulp Fiction
Considered by many critics to be the best film of the 90's, I would say the poster is also probably the best of the decade!

2. The Matrix
1999's The Matrix stands up to this day both the poster and the film!

3. The Big Lebowski
Cult Classic, Great Poster!

4. The Doors
Val Kilmer was indelible in Oliver Stone's 1990 biopic, great graphics!

5. Hook
The Movie may have flopped at the box office but it produced a wonderful poster.

6. Scream
Old School graphics, New School chills!

7. Magnolia

8. Reservoir Dogs

9. Army of Darkness

10. Kingpin

11. The Player

12. Unforgiven

13. Goodfellas

14. Joe Versus the Volcano

15. Mo' Better Blues

16. Predator 2

17. The Two Jakes

18. The Witches

19. Cool World

20. Out of Sight

21. Gremlins 2: The New Batch

22. Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace

23. The Shawshank Redemption

24. Cry Baby

25. Mars Attacks

26. Rushmore

27. Election

28. Silence of the Lambs

29. Jackie Brown

30. Fargo

31. The Nightmare Before Christmas

32. Seven

33. Jacob's Ladder

34. Dogma

35. Showgirls

36. Tarzan

37. Swingers

38. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

39. Soapdish

40. The Cable Guy

41. Titanic

42. Death Becomes Her

43. Fearless

44. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

45. Forest Gump

46. Fight Club

47. True Romance

48. Edward Scissorhands

49. Malcom X

50. Dick Tracy


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