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Without a shadow of a doubt, Batman is one of the most loved superheroes in popular culture and the comic-book universe. The Dark Knight has his fair share of fans, and some are more artistically minded than others. So what happens when these artistic fans get to work on creating alternate-universe versions of Batman? Well, simply put, we get to feast our eyes on a mindblowing collection of Batmen that could have been.

Here are 10 of the best pieces of alternate-universe Batman Art on the Internet right now:

1. Futuristic Batman

Ryan Hong's image of a futuristic Batman, complete with a holographic Bat logo, a projected mouthpiece and reinforced armour is as close as it gets to Batman in the near future!

2. Iron Knight

Resembling the Worst Nightmare Batman skin from the Joker's flashback in Arkham Origins, we just can't get enough of this alternate Batman. Bosslogix's bulked-up and armoured Batsuit with illuminated eyes and symbol seems both familiar and new at the same time.

3. Rogue Batman

Alex Tzutzy explores a more rogue aspect of Batman here, with the battered suit and rugged look suggesting a more streetwise character. The beautiful detail in the art is a feast for the eyes as well!

4. The Bat

Luke Maddox has taken the Bat in Batman quite literally, creating this image of a Batlike Dark Knight. According to Maddox,

His helmet uses a sonar function to map 3D space and see through walls. His gauntlets include grapnels, tasers and maces.

5. Beyond Redefined

Long Live The Bat recently posted this redefined image of the traditional Batman Beyond skin, complete with illuminated Bat-symbol, wisps of smoke following the eyes and the feel of a Batman in the far future.

6. Avenging Angel

This Gothic take on the Dark Knight fully realises the Biblical interpretation of the character. AndyFairhurst's Batman is seen here entering Gotham cemetery with roses, perhaps paying his respects to his parents. The broad wings further emphasise the role of the Dark Knight as the symbolic angel and saviour of Gotham.

7. Abstract Metallic

Building on themes of a futuristic, metallic and otherworldly Dark Knight, ironconquest86's art here seems to represent a troubled and unsatisfied Batman, trapped within the confines of his own deeply flawed character.

8. Steampunk Batman

As odingraphics proves, a Steampunk version of Batman can be menacing, fascinating and enrapturing all at once! This design has a timeless quality to it that's hard to find anywhere else.

9. Wasteland Batman

Artist theunbrilliant wanted to explore a post-apocalyptic version of the Dark Knight, and created this strangely haunting version of the character. With a simple Batsuit complemented by spiked shoulder and forearm pads, as well as illuminated eyes and a gas-mask, this could be one of the most realistic post-apocalyptic depictions of the character to date.

10. Batman-Deadpool Crossover

Yet another beautifully detailed take on an alternate Batman from Long Live The Bat, this crossover between Batman and Deadpool is incredibly detailed and is a dream image for any Batman and Deadpool fan! What do you think about the cross of the two?


Without a doubt, Batman has one of the most loyal and talented fanbases of any superhero. There are countless beautifully realised images of what the Dark Knight could look like in an alternate universe, and these are just a few of the stunning pieces of art that come from the fans' ranks. Which was your favourite?


Which Alternate-Universe Batman was your favourite?


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