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Cool team up of Captain Cold and Heat Wave
Cool team up of Captain Cold and Heat Wave

Never underestimate the circumstances when former prisoners try to team up and do some crazy stuff around the city. Well hey there Flash fans! After the brief hiatus, our Scarlet Speedster has moved us like fire and ice on the new episode that held us up to the bottom of our hypothalamus. Scream it out loud!

We recently caught up in the previous episode with so many questions. Is really Dr. Wells the Reverse Flash? What's playing around Iris' mind about Barry's love confession to her? Is Barry ready to move on? Is the name for Eddie Thawne not just for a detective pretty boy?

The wait is already over and it's just the start of setting the boiling point of a whole new wave of stories for The Flash. I know each week will be worth the wait. Hence, the questions that kept us itching for days is already charging us with new answers little by little. The series never disappoints us when it comes to spoiling the stories of action and sort of drama for sentimentality. They're really good at mixing the viewers' emotions.

Heat Wave and Captain Cold. Thanks to Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave) for starting the first half of the season. It was good to see humans, with overly destructive stolen guns, being the first villains to heat up the show in the season. Though we already knew who came to save the day for these two prisoners at the end of the episode. (Thanks to the spoilers!) Thus, the whole episode just went smoothly fine with those elements used.

Eddie Thawne saved The Flash. It seems like adding the spice of Physics never fails to save the day. Yet, however, Eddie saved the night for our Scarlet Speedster. However, admit it or not, he's kinda digging up a new role in The Flash's life. He saved his life and seemingly inspired by our superhero. Well, this is just only the beginning of their inevitable interactions since Flash is already known to the public as a superhero of Central City. There's more to come from the upcoming episodes. I can feel it. Just wait for it 'til you almost drop your eyes with mind-blowing twists of stories of these two unconscious rivals.

Take note: I'm still not throwing the thought of Eddie being the Reverse Flash. Dr. Wells is quite confusing me in a lot of ways in which I think of him as the future Barry Allen--they're perspectives are somehow similar with each other that I couldn't take this off my mind.

Bolder Dr. Caitlin Snow. Considering the fact that Barry has built a good relationship with his team including Caitlin (played by Danielle Panabaker) who has the same brain capacity with our lovable protagonist. Her fearless character made her less considered as damsel in distress that others were somehow expecting. Even she was caught in the middle of jeopardy, Caitlin still managed to throw her lines against Heat Wave without having a second thought of saying it. Looks like not only Iris has the confidence to do trash talks with the villains. Caitlin's character is just getting more interesting here in line with Cisco Ramon whom I considered as one of my favorite characters. Though I expected too much that Ronnie would come out then do Firestorm acts to save Caitlin in which I felt quite dismayed. I'm somehow rooting for this two since they had already a good relationship before the particle accelerator exploded. I wish Caitlin would still lurk for more information about her Ronnie. It would definitely be awesome.

Cisco Ramon and his gadgets. As what I've said earlier, Cisco is one of my favorite characters here. With such wit and humor, Cisco's winning the scenes every week. When he's talking about his superhero gadgets, you should pay attention to it because he is really exceptional when he keeps boasting about it. Undoubtedly, I'm impeccably excited about his next step since he has grasped the troop's attention to save the city. I'm very much excited to see him teaming up with the detectives to track metahumans. He's already expanding his connections to people that something I should be proud of for this character.

(Left to Right) Detective Joe West, Cisco Ramon, and Dr. Harrison Wells
(Left to Right) Detective Joe West, Cisco Ramon, and Dr. Harrison Wells

Joe and Iris' heartfelt hugs are epic. I know everyone agrees to the epic father and son relationship of Barry and Joe. I am a one proud fan to boldly say they're really the heart of the show. But seeing Joe and Iris hugging each other, they're really good at it emotionally and slaying the scenes. Every daughter needs a father whom they would look up to and guide them in each step of the way. Iris and Joe nailed it. I hope there are more father and daughter scenes of these two because I really feel their family values that keeps them close to each other. Jesse L. Martin is really excellent at portraying as a father in the series.

Barry's interaction with Iris is really surprising. Of course, one of the highlights of the show is the relationship of Barry and Iris. But what makes these two revealing, is the awkwardness they're feeling with each other. The previous episode caught us in the middle where we don't know how Iris would act around Barry yet now we quite observing her actions towards Barry and as fast as lightning, it isn't what we expecting on her. Uncomfortable as it is, Iris is still not confronting her true feelings about Barry's love confession to her and I don't think she already rejected Barry by just moving in to Eddie's apartment. It always takes time. As bestfriends, both can just confidently talk about everything under the sun but as clear as crystal, Iris is not yet on the process of confronting the fact that Barry has confessed his true feelings to her. But surprisingly, Barry has already did it, it's like he got his freedom and he can boldly act around Iris like nothing happened between the two of them especially Barry pretending to see the future about his relationship with Iris. Okay, the writers are particularly sly with that one huh! I like the fact that Barry still manages to talk to Iris as his bestfriend and this lovable speedster is very good at it. Yet, I still wonder about Iris keeping the red backpack of Barry for the past several years. Candice and Grant are really pretty amazing characters in making the scenes very realistic. Considerably, it's very interesting how will they relieve back their relationship in the new episodes to come. Maybe the writers would give us hints on Iris' POV. Let's just wait for it while sipping the tea.

Iris and Barry with the survival nerd kit
Iris and Barry with the survival nerd kit

Let's see how these characters develop more as the show goes on. It's also a good shot to know their ride continues to season 2. Congrats to the team!

So, what do you think will happen next this Tuesday? Just feel free to type in your comments and share your pretty cool predictions about it.

The Flash every Tuesdays at 8 pm on The CW. Don't forget!


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