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We all know the Disney movies Sleeping Beauty and Tangled. I was feeling very creative and as they are two stories that I really like, I wanted to mix them somehow. And there is that easter egg in Tangled, where we see clearly Maleficent's spinning wheel.

So, here's the theory

After Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding, they lived their happily ever after for some years. But as the time was passing by, Rapunzel started to change and feeling empty, a blankness that not even Eugene could fill. Why did this happen? Because Rapunzel lost her hair...which was very much a part of her, her essence. Rapunzel was once very kind, nice and pure but after the tragedy of losing her hair she changed because what no one had inform her because no one knew, was that with the golden hair she was a good person, cause the magic of the flower was effecting on her, which purpose was to heal.

Now that the magic was gone, Rapunzel changed to the person that would have become after eighteen years with Gothel. Selfish, angry and with lots of psychological issues. So, she started studying magic, aiming to bring back Gothel and kill her by herself, wish that she never accomplished. After some years, Rapunzel became one of the most powerful witches but at the same time distant with Eugene. He couldn't find love in Rapunzel's face, so he fell in love with a princess of another kingdom.

She loved him back and she helped him to flee from Corona and come to her kingdom, where he changed his name once more. Now, he was Stephan. And he married the princess. Rapunzel couldn't find him and from her anger the kingdom was suffering. One year later, Stephan's daughter were born and with his wife they were planning a big celebration. Rapunzel learned about it and she made a research about king Stephan, cause she had never heard of him. And she discovered the truth. She went to the celebration, wanting to kill Eugene, but when she faced him she couldn't do it. Deep down she still loved him.
And so, instead of killing him, she yelled why they didn't invite her and she cursed the baby princess. Princess Aurora.

Rapunzel after she became a witch
Rapunzel after she became a witch
Eugene, with his wife and daughter Aurora
Eugene, with his wife and daughter Aurora

Don't get me wrong, I really love Tangled and Eugene and Rapunzel's love, but I thought that was kinda funny and I wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoyed it!!


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