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Since Jason Momoa officially became Aquaman there has been little to no information about the Aquaman movie plan outside of a confirmation release date 27 July 2018. Jason did claim that Zack Snyder's plan for Aquaman and the DC movie universe was genius. Oh yeah, and Jason was quoted saying "Aquaman will be a bad-ass, otherwise, they wouldn't cast me for the role." That was a simple but revealing quote from Jason that has a lot of Aquaman comic book fans really excited, especially the fans of the most recent run of comics by DC the New 52 Aquaman.

New 52 Aquaman
New 52 Aquaman

And if that statement by Jason was not enough reason to think that we are going to get a "bad ass" Aquaman then Zack taking time to call a local radio show in Detroit to defend the Aquaman character should do the trick.

Aquaman will be awesome

So it is quite clear that Zack Snyder has a vision of who the King of Atlantis is in this DC universe and he doesn't want that vision tarnished, not even by a radio show. Aquaman is a flat out bad ass that does a whole lot more than talk to fish if you ask Zack, and even if you don't ask him apparently. Jason definitely has bought into Zack's vision as well and has made it known that he wants Zack to direct the Aquaman movie. And who could blame Jason for wanting the most visually creative director of this era, Zack freaking Snyder, to direct Aquaman? No one could, but with recent rumors being reported by Latino Review about 300: Rise of an Empire director Noam Murro being looked at by WB/DC to helm the Aquaman movie, it looks like Momoa may not get his wish. But in this case the second option may not be a bad thing. Check out the work put in on 300: Rise of an Empire by director Noam Murro.

Noam Murro has the directorial chops

Impressive, right?! Noam Marro really got my attention with the special effects in this movie. The obvious is that the ocean visual effects from 300 could definitely translate to an Aquaman movie. An Aquaman movie will have to be a visual spectacle to do it justice. And sure the acting has to make it believable but if it does not look realistic it would be a big let down. Don't get me wrong, as a fan of comic book movies I am with Momoa 100%; Zack definitely would be my first choice to direct Aquaman. However, as you have seen, Noam did a great job with 300: Rise of an Empire. Now Noam does not have a lot of experience under his belt as a movie director but Zack Snyder did take Noam under his wing and hand pick him to direct the 300 sequal. So one could speculate that the same type of tutelage would happen with Aquaman if indeed Noam did helm the project. And let's not forget the bad ass that Themistokles was in 300 as well, which is what Jason Momoa wants to be in Aquaman.

In movies they use doubles all the time and Noam Murro is as close as you are going to get to a solid Zack stunt double these days. He is definitely not the Zack that Momoa had hoped for but the next best thing for sure. There is no doubt in my mind that Noam can give us the bad ass Aquaman that Zack and Momoa have been talking about as well as the visual spectacle that it would take to pull off an Aquaman movie. But what are your thoughts?


Do you think Rise of an Empire director Noam Murra can give us a great Aquaman movie?


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