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So for the third character in my [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) profiles series, I chose Deadshot, because lots of people are also questioning the casting of this character. This character is also pretty badass, as you can tell, I mean his name is Deadshot. So, here's his info...

can he be this badass, please?
can he be this badass, please?

Real Name: Floyd Lawton

Alias: Deadshot

Age: Variable (again?!), but I'd say mid 30's, possibly early 40's (Not as old as Deathstroke).

Appearance: Muscular, not particularly big. Cybernetic eyepatch over his right eye. Silver full-face mask in the comics.

Supernatural Abilities: None. Expert marksman, claims to never miss.

Equipment: Cybernetic eyepatch provides increased accuracy, as well as providing additional data for the mission and/or target. Sniper rifle. Wrist mounted turret guns.

Deadshot is basically quite badass as well. His supervillain identity of Deadshot is clearly far more badass than his real name, Floyd Lawton.

The character has already appeared in the TV show [Arrow](series:720988), portrayed by Michael Rowe. He has appeared in the show in the first and second series, and is due to appear in the third series. He also appeared in the superman TV show Smallville, but lets not go into that.

Deadshot in Arrow.
Deadshot in Arrow.

My hopes for him in this movie.

With the casting choice of Will Smith as Deadshot, DC are clearly taking a very different direction on the character. I personally hope that DC do not mess up this character, but, as well as with the casting of Cara Delevingne as The Enchantress for the same movie, if DC have confidence that Will Smith will do the character justice, then we should. Will Smith is no stranger to sci-fi or action movies, with titles such as Independence Day, Men In Black and Bad Boys under his belt.

I just hope that DC will bring in some sort of full-face mask for his character, that can then retract around to the back of his neck when it is not needed. I also hope that they do not give him a pointless eyepatch when he's not on a mission (as they did in Arrow). And if they give him any form of superpower, which I doubt they will, it would completely ruin the awesomeness of the character as a whole. I mean he's 100% accurate all the time, yet he doesn't have superpowers? Awesome. Maybe even an argument with Deathstroke? That would be amazing.

Deadshot and Deathstroke
Deadshot and Deathstroke

How will this character fit into the plotline? From the recent script leaks, Will Smith's Deadshot and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn will be taking center stage for this movie, with Deadshot apparently being tasked with taking out an Arkham prisoner in transit, and Harley Quinn foiling his plan.

Deadshot in the Arkham games.
Deadshot in the Arkham games.

As this casting is 100% confirmed, I can't wait to see this character in action in a Suicide Squad MOVIE. I mean he was good in Arrow, but I feel they can do more with the character in a movie, particularly in terms of his accuracy. Image him taking out a few people with his sniper, then diving into the fray and shooting everyone with his wrist mounted guns? Awesome. I do think Will Smith will do this character justice now, as I can totally imagine him doing that. Yes, really.

Anyway, I will be posting (or trying to post) a new article on each of the characters once every 2 or 3 days, and adding the links to those articles below.

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I hope this worth the read.



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