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A lot of people dislike the fact that a great majority of comic book characters, fairytale starlets, and Disney princesses are often depicted as unrealistically thin and beautiful and are drawn by sexist men.

However, I don't agree with that at all. I think that they are drawn really tiny, but that doesn't ever offend it. It's just art after all.

So, I came across Jeffery Scott Campbell, a 41-year-old American comic book artist! Who has worked for Marvel and in the gaming industry.

I follow Jeffery on Facebook , as well as watch him on YouTube. I love his artwork (which you can purchase here) and wanted to showcase some of his fairytale character renditions!

Dorothy - Wizard of Oz

Dorothy isn't even that scandalous in this particular drawing, however I love the sexiness of her leg. Tin Man looks like a total badass, too.


I was never sure why Cinderella needed to "become" beautiful in the original story. Anyone with a heart would love a girl as she is, especially one who cleans well and that's not me being sexist. In this piece you can see the hurt and sadness in her eyes, but she still looks hot doing her chores.


I just love mermaids! I always have. When I first saw The Little Mermaid as a kid, I completely wore out the VHS tape! I love the tail here, and the detail that he adds to the background of every piece.

Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Now I can see why he wanted to keep her trapped! This outfit is stunning, and Beast looks absolutely perfect but dangerously dark in the background. You can sense the danger and tension!


I love how Tink still has attitude in this drawing - although her face kind of reminds me of a cartoon Taylor Swift (anyone?). Her wings are gorgeous, and having Hook peeping on her just adds to the impact of the photo!

Tiger Lily

She is hot! Like, I mean, all attitude - red hot. The way he has drawn the outfit and shoes is just great!


Doesn't Goldi' look good enough to eat here?! I definitely think so. I just imagined her hair with a bit more curls.


My brother use wish he had a little girlfriend like Thumbelina so he could have her forever. Isn't that awkward? I loved this movie as a kid, too! She was such a cute one that's for sure, and I love how her clothing choice is flower pedals!


I've seen this one before and I think she's cool every time. Loving those long tall striped socks. Her hair looks perfect. It looks like she's eating the mushroom - go figure!

Little Miss Muffet

I find her cute and I love her dress, detailed! You never see much of her around. I know I'd jump if there was a spider hovering around too, Muffet, don't worry.


Wendy is just a child in the actual movies, so I'm imagining her as a young woman (like 18-20) here. He picked the perfect night gown to bring out her more mature age.

The Princess and The Pea

Love this one as well, especially the braided hair!

Wicked Witch

She's gorgeous, too! The monkeys are spot on! And the detail in the shoes are epic!


This one is a favorite. Her hair flowing all around and bringing out her naturally raw beauty is to die for. It captures just how gorgeous she is.

Sleeping Beauty

I love the detail here! Even though I prefer the zombie version better, we can pretend this is right before she was attacked and turned.

Snow White

Snow Queen

Evil Queen


She's great but should be a little darker
She's great but should be a little darker

In conclusion; The artwork is awesome in my eyes and I'm sure there are many who would agree, although many faces do seem similar, but it is art.

What do you guys think? Are they too much? Too naked and sexual? Tell me in the comments!

Source: Jeffery Campbell


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