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I began my love of comics long ago with a cartoon called X-Men it was the one with Jubilee. I remember every weekend when it came on sitting there watching it being caught up in the wonder that it held. Then one week my family and I went to the ocean this was around the same time that the news announced that Superman was going to be killed, my mother at the time was stunned to hear this and she mentioned that she and my uncle had collected comics when they were kids. Mind you they were kids between the 40's and 50's, but sadly those comics were lost when my grandparents moved from the house in the city to the suburbs in the late 60's.

Quite a tragedy I know.

So anyway, my mother picks up that death issue the one in the black bag and she tells me that we're not going to open it saying that it could be worth something someday. Sadly I don't think she realized that book began the over saturation of the market, sure it might be worth something someday maybe in my grandchildren's lifetimes. She gave me that book which I still have in one of my many large plastic totes that hold my books like a bunch of treasure chests.

It wasn't until a few years later that I would purchase my very first comic, I remember getting it at my local drug store on the spinny rack that held the comics. The issue was Uncanny X-Men and it was just before the whole Onslaught Arc, which was really good cause it brought everyone out of the wood work to take down this larger than life creature who was in fact Charles Xavier. I got a job at that very drug store it helped with the various discounts I could get, what can I say I like a good deal.

On to the summer that would change everything.

I worked at that drug store for two years then I found the comic book store that would change everything for me. It opened up in the mall I liked going to and I applied like three times for a job there I visited there often growing a rapport with the employees to further my chances at employment. Needless to say I got the job in the beginning of the summer and I was ecstatic being surrounded by all the art and all those stories it was like being in heaven.

How I met Talia.

I remember this moment clearly, I was asked to clean out the back issue bin a few co-workers actually didn't like to do it there was the whole fact that sometimes it got rather all disorganized. Let's just say that when I was finished with it, it was so easy to find things that it became a little pet project for me to do on a weekly basis.

During this particular cleaning I was attracted to this comic that had this exotic and beautiful vision on the cover, mind you I was against DC comics being a Marvel Girl and all that. Yes you can laugh that I thought I had to pick sides even then. But anyway, I placed the book on the side and considering that my break was coming up I wanted to take a peek inside and find out who she was. Knowing the back issues were old and wanting to make sure that they were in good condition I took extreme care in how I handled the book, I read my first DC comic ever that day meeting Talia Al Ghul.

She was lovely, bold, strong, and even had a the moxie to go against her very own father. I had to learn more and being that the internet was a few years old I didn't have much to go on really to get information other than reading more comics that had her in it. Sadly there weren't that many even then and I craved to know more about her, though through her I met Batman and everyone else. Yet I wanted more of Talia, and every time I found her I was overjoyed because I got to see this breathtakingly beautiful woman who loved with all her heart two men that were polar opposites and was often made to choose between them.

I was reading more DC comics due to Talia she was what spurred me to find her and seek her out, I felt bad for her each time that Bruce broke her heart and yes I did shed a little tear. She has given her life so many times for him, or for the Justice League, or even others and yet he has never stood by her and just held her hand through it, sure there are times when she sends him away but he could have stayed he has with so many others.

I know she tries to hold this image of strength it's what she was taught to do all her life, something I can relate to very much so. Yet she's always cast aside like an outcast, again something I can immensely relate to. I see a lot of me in Talia and it breaks my heart when she's pushed aside, I'm trying not to cry writing this very part but it's hard.

I know I get so much hate for liking Talia, but I've been trying desperately for a long time to open people's eyes to the fact that she is worthy of having her own title. She is very worthy of that indeed.

When the reboot happened....

When the talk of the big DC reboot happened I was excited and thought that maybe this would be her moment, maybe they will finally give her that title that she has been denied for the last 40 years of her existence. I was let down by a man who tore the one character that got me into DC comics apart over some issue he had with his own mother due to his own parents divorcing, yes I'm talking about Grant Morrison.

But DC let me down and my frustration grew and I began looking back into who has had titles of their own female wise.

Wonder Woman - I cannot deny that she deserves her own book she is after all the grand dame of female empowerment despite her creator being a little fixated on for lack of a better term "bondage" gear. There is historical proof of this considering that Wonder Woman was mentioned in the congressional hearing when the book Seduction of the Innocent was written in 1954 that pretty much almost eliminated comics.

Catwoman - Now I myself am not a fan of Catwoman despite my numerous efforts in trying to like her, but she is like 64 years old now. Just two years older than my own mother. Yes she's one of the first bad girls in comics that I will admit to but she's had a comic series of her own in some form or another since 1993 that was 21 years ago.

Harley Quinn- Now here's an interesting one. A character that was made for a cartoon that suddenly became popular because of who she hung out with. Yes I feel that her popularity is solely because of the fact that she's been riding the coat tails of "Joker Mania". She's been around since September 11, 1993, think about that date and not think about something I dare you. Anyway she's had her own book in some form or another since 2001 so for like 13 years and she's only been in existence for 23 years.

On to another character who we haven't seen a lot of that makes me feel bad for them.

Poison Ivy aka Pamela Lillian Isley - She's been around since June of 1966 so yeah she's a flower child of the 60's. She's had a short series of her own back in the 90's. Yet she's been only seen once throughout the N52 and yeah I do feel bad for this cause she just as much as Talia deserves to be seen more and sadly isn't. Though I do fear that her true origins are going to be forgotten by the fact that her name has been terribly butchered in Gotham.

I noticed this all and something in me just had to bring it to light about how much Talia is denied. I've been using every resource I can think of to try to connect with DC comics about this, even writing them a letter to which I have not received an response.

Across the various social media I hear the same argument as to why Talia isn't given her own title. People claim she's not interesting, or she's not complex, or whatever other argument they can think of.

I say no to all that, she is interesting she can be made even more so if they even tried to think of the different stories they could do with her. I know I have thought of several ideas as to what she could do. I sadly don't know how to write for comics and am currently trying to teach myself how to. Though DC comics isn't taking any submissions from anyone at this time so there for my ideas rest on notebooks in my room. Hell even titles rest there as well as imagined concept costumes for her written out.

Talia deserves her own book, she deserves time in the spotlight. Her wait has gone on long enough and she does not deserve to be the outcast of DC comics.

Talia being created in May of 1971 how can I not fight for a fellow child of the 70's. If Talia existed out in the world I know I'd be the first to go right up to her and give her a hug for all the times she's been pushed aside and let down, because I see a part of me in her and I want to fight for that piece of me.


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