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So we've all seen The Lion King, right? If you haven't, go see it. Or read Hamlet, it's the same thing.

But as we all know, Scar is out to get Mufasa for being king. Actually, we don't really know why Scar is angry at Mufasa. We can only assume it's for being the older brother and getting to be king. But we don't know for sure, I mean it's never fully explained.

Up until about ten o'clock last night, I'd accepted the aforementioned thought. It made logical sense at five and logical sense at eighteen. Why argue it? Well, I was rewatching The Lion King last night, because what else should a college student do on a Friday night?

Well, this is very early on in the movie when my outlook on the entire movie shifted. It's that one scene where Scar is playing with that mouse. The one right after Simba's little ceremony thing that Scar blatantly missed. Zazu walks into Scar's . . . um . . . lair? and tells him how he's in big trouble with Mufasa.

Yeah, that scene.

Well, we all assume he's just talking about Simba being the future king. And it makes sense. Now, clearly I'm not refuting that fact. But here's what I'm proposing. He's not just talking about Simba. He's referencing why he wants to be king, all very subtly, in this scene.

When Zazu walks in on Scar and the mouse scurries off, Scar says "You made me lose my lunch."

And I'm sitting there, staring at the screen thinking "How the hell is that a lunch for a lion?"

So that's when I did a little research because science is always wonderful when backing up facts (especially for Disney which we all know is 100% scientifically accurate).

I went to University of Minnesota's website because that's where Google took me and found this bit of information.

43 kg=95 lbs 25 kg=55 lbs 8 kg=18 lbs 9 kg=20 lbs
43 kg=95 lbs 25 kg=55 lbs 8 kg=18 lbs 9 kg=20 lbs

If you were wondering, one mouse only weighs about 1 ounce which is about 29 grams for reference.

Now, if you can't interpret that information, then one mouse should not be enough for lunch. It shouldn't even be enough for a small snack. So, clearly Scar is malnourished. He's about the size of the lionesses. When he and Mufasa face off, it's obvious Mufasa would win every time - unless there's a stampede and a cliff involved, of course.

But, yes, the mouse isn't the only thing Scar tries to eat that day. He tries to eat Zazu. For those of you who didn't know, Zazu is a Red-Billed Hornbill. Which only weighs about .45 kg which is less than a pound. Not very appetizing either.

But you know what, maybe Scar just likes to eat a very light lunch. Makes sense. It could work, right?

Oh and remember those few seconds right before "Be Prepared" where Scar gives the hyenas the zebra leg? He must've taken down that zebra somehow, right?

But, if we're looking at science, we know that the females do most of the hunting of zebras where as the males take down the bigger prey (look back to the information on how much a lion eats to see that). Scar is clearly still a part of the pride because he was expected at Simba's ceremony, Simba talks to him all the time and it was simply accepted he was the next king upon Mufasa's death and Simba's disappearance.

So, he didn't even take down the zebra. The lionesses did. He went there and grabbed that leg and probably a little something for himself on top of it. He couldn't take a lot because the rest of the pride needed to eat. So he brought that leg back for the hyenas to eat because - despite being surrounded by idiots - he cares about them.

Scar is willingly starving himself to keep his friends alive. So he eats small amounts of food in order to tide himself over until his next meal, however small it may be because he watches out for his hyena friends.

So, after watching the entire Lion King twice to make sure I caught every bit of information and doing all this research, I realized something that is so crazy and far fetched it might possibly be true.

Scar is a humanitarian, err . . . animalitarian?

And he always remembers to practice his curtsy
And he always remembers to practice his curtsy

He, unlike the other lions, saw the hyenas were being mistreated. They are exiled from or maybe just not a part of the pride lands, which as we all know, consists of everything the light touches. So the hyenas aren't even allowed in the light.

Which is awful. The hyenas are being starved out there. If any of us saw the 2nd Lion King, we also know that the lions who were exiled by Simba were thinly and starved as well. Living outside of the Pride Lands essentially means you're either gonna starve or learn how to become king (i.e.: Simba and Kovu).

Scar is willing to work with the hyenas. In fact, he cares for them. Mufasa, on the other hand, sees them as the enemy. They're dangerous and tried to kill Simba twice.

So, Scar isn't only trying to take over as king of Pride Rock because he's angry at his big brother. He's doing this to bring about reform within the Pride Lands.

And it works, too. The hyenas and the lions do work and live together in the Pride Lands. However, as time goes on, food becomes scarce.

We don't know how long this takes, though. What we know is that the herds move on. There's a good chance this happened right before Simba returned. Because not a single lioness or hyena dies from starvation. They're all still there at the end of the movie. If the starving had been going on this whole time, Nala would certainly be dead. A cub just could not last that long without food. Most of the hyenas would die because of how malnourished they were to begin with.

Scar never had to deal with an official shortage of food. But he had spent most of his life without eating much. He'd become adjusted to it. When the hyenas come to him about the lack of food, he tells them to eat Zazu.

Scar is still being an animalitarian. Zazu provides him music and entertainment. Scar is the king and if he's hungry, he should get to eat Zazu. But no, he lets his friends have one of the possible final meals to be found within the Pride Lands before resorting to cannibalism.

Scar tries so hard to maintain this peace between the hyenas and the lions while staying on Pride Rock. He knows that moving the hyenas and the lions would cause traumatic experiences for both species. The young of both groups would probably not make it and there would be a lot of death and even more starvation because exerting energy requires the intake of energy. Scar knows that the herds will come back (as they do just as Simba returns). No one else can see this yet.

Had Nala waited another week or so to get help from in the jungle, the herds would've returned and Scar would still be king. And if we were to look at the movie this way, then there wouldn't be a shadow of a doubt that Scar wasn't evil.


In this skewed view, Scar is a good guy, a wonderful animalitarian. However, I don't believe this. Scar will always be that awesome, sarcastic, beautifully evil lion we all know and love.

But as we know, Every Villain Is Lime. So Scar is evil.


Is Scar still evil?


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