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Everyone knows about Marvel's movie lineup now, but what about Planet Hulk? Personally, I think this movie could of played along great with Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. Hulk would've been sent up into space, which would give him the perfect chance to meet them. They could have brought him back to earth, (which of course the Hulk would be mad) and then it would've been a "Man of Steel" situation where the main protagonist(s) create the villain they must defeat.

Why Was it Turned Down Then?

Planet Hulk was turned down because the executives at Marvel Studios explained that they wanted the Hulk to be an "Avengers-Only" thing. This is so that the little time we spend watching the Hulk would be luscious.

When Could Planet Hulk Reprise as a Possible Film?

Personally, I don't know, but it would have to be during phase 4.

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