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For years, DC die-hards have been drowning in a world that is being completely consumed by Marvel content. They have plead desperately to those around them to just STOP comparing the two and let them coexist. Marvel fans have completely ignored these pleas, and who can blame them? They're on top. Of course they're bragging! But with DC gearing up to pull ahead of Marvel, into the #1 spot among superhero fans, and stay there, maybe it's time Marvel fans truly took a look at why we've been saying for so long that these two franchises are incomparable!

1. Action vs. Sci-Fi

A big difference that I've always found between the two franchises are that while DC's comics and films alike have always been a strictly Action-based genre, Marvel has incorporated and successfully achieved a more Sci-Fi aspect. Of course DC has these minor aspects as well, but they have not made it the big part of its franchise that it is for Marvel, making it virtually pointless to try and compare the two, which have completely different atmospheres.

2. "Superheroes" Have Different Meanings

In the most basic sense of the word, I don't consider Marvel a "superhero" genre. Do they have super bad ass characters intent on saving mankind? Yes. Does that make them superheroes? Yes. However, I feel that the way superheroes are seen in the two franchises are incredibly different, making it just one more way in which we should not be comparing them.

DC's heroes are composed mostly of meta-humans, or humans that have been built up to the extent of being the closest thing to a meta-human. People who are intent on saving mankind. Their meta-humans are created by things we could never explain, things that are usually made up by the brilliant writers at DC, making it more of an action-fantasy based franchise.

Marvel's heroes are comprised mostly of Sci-Fi based elements, or some of them I wouldn't even call "superheroes" at all. Captain America, my personal favourite Marvel hero, became a meta-human, not because of a mysterious made up element, but by science. A serum invented by scientists to build super soldiers and assist a country at war. The Hulk was created in a similar manner, while testing out a previous version of the super soldier serum. Iron Man is somebody that I don't even consider a superhero that's how Sci-Fi-centric his character is. Iron Man is not a superhero, he is a suit. Anybody can put on a fancy suit and let it do the work for them, without it Iron Man is nothing. And I know what you're thinking, what about Batman?! Batman was still in the League of Assassins. In fact, he single handedly defeated over half of the League of Assassins. Although he relies heavily on his fancy gadgets and toys, if you stripped them away, he could hold his own, which is something you can't say about Iron Man.

The point is, while DC is a strictly superhero-based franchise, Marvel is not. They have such a wide variety of characters that are all equally as amazing as DC's, they're just so different from DC's that it doesn't make sense to compare them.

3. DC Is About To Explode

With DC's new release schedule up ahead, we've got TV shows coming for Supergirl, The Atom, Suicide Squad, Teen Titans, and more in discussion, and 10-20 DC films in the works. With DC ready to match up Marvel with the amount of released content, why don't we just stop comparing the two, and enjoy them both in their separate respects?


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