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1. His Given name: Paul Thomas Wasilewski, was shortened to Paul Wesley for people to have less trouble saying his name.

2. He loves some outdoor winter sports.. Paul says some of his favorite pastimes are snowboarding and ice hockey.

3. He's Polish and lived in Poland for part of his childhood handsome and awesome? check and check! He even speaks the lingo!

4. Paul is a reformed bad-boy.. ok you got us.. we kinda knew that but what we didn't know was...

5. He covered up an old tattoo with a rose.. no idea what the original was but we can't think of a better way to bury your bad boy ways by covering up an old skull and cross bone teenage mishap with one of the world's best smelling plants.. shows a lot!

6. Favorite Vampire Diaries moments ever? yess... the one right before Stefan and Elena make love for the first time... what's more adorable than watching him discuss this moment.. ( we are starting to question that bad boy label )

Elena touches Stefan's face for the first time.
Elena touches Stefan's face for the first time.

7. He originally auditioned for the role of Damon Salvatore.. Paul didn’t have his heart set on playing the level-headed younger Salvatore from the start. He actually read for Damon first, but we think he ended up in the right place.

8. Even though he’s been independently pursuing his career since high school, Paul admits he’s very close to his family. Word is he maintains close relationships with his mama and three sisters. Cute!

9. He didn’t go to his prom. Très rebellious. Future super stars have much better things to do on Saturday night, obviously..

10. He was made for supernatural roles. Or least vampire ones. Not only has Paul starred in three supernatural lead roles (Wolf Lake, Fallen, The Vampire Diaries), the New Jersey native also has naturally pointed teeth. Yes, really!


So what was your fav. Paul Wesley fun fact?


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