ByCatarina Cruz, writer at

It's no lie that The Vampire Diaries has an enormous amount of fans. The show had us captivated since the first episode aired in 2009, but after six seasons what's to expect now ?

The show has been renewed for its seventh season, and we are all dying to see what happens to Bonnie and of course, Damon and Elena, but after what they all have been through what are Julie Plec and the other producers up to next ?

Since season one we've been familiar with the love triangle between Elena, Stefan and Damon and we were caught up in more wars between the multiple creatures in the show than any other series, and alongside that, we pre sensed deaths that made us cry a river more than we could count. I mean, so much has happened that I really can't guess what is going to happen next. Fans have been furious with how long it's taking to bring Bonnie back, but the return of our favourite witch is about to happen, the producers say. Some even say that Kai is getting such a good feedback that they are debating about making him a main character.

"That's the problem when you have an actor who's so great and who the audience responds to as a villain ... Every day, we talk about Kai, and we debate it. It's an ongoing conversation," Plec said.

After all this, all we have left is conjecture about the future of the show. What do you think it will happen ? Comment your thoughts bellow.


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